Top Luxury Hotels for Families

Travelling with family can often be stressful especially if your kids are young. It is important no matter where you travel that your accommodation is comfortable and provides services and amenities to make your stay easy and enjoyable. Below you will find some of the top-rated hotels around the world for families who like to … Read more


A Quick History of the Modern Casino/Resort The Casino/Resort popularized during the 1980s construction boom in Las Vegas and now locations found in almost every corner of the globe – including one of gaming’s pinnacle destinations, Reno, NV – has a long, interesting, and sometimes surprising history. Please enjoy the following infographic that takes you … Read more

The Amazing Dan Carmel Hotel in the City Haifa

The Dan Carmel is the first and most fashionable hotel in the popular city called Haifa. It provides cherished panoramic views from the top of Carmel Mountain at Haifa City and sights above the Mediterranean. This is considered to be one of the best places for spending vacations with your loved ones. The complete splendor … Read more

A Yacht Charter to Shores of Luxury and Comfort

Sailing is an exhilarating experience that can take you on a holiday journey the envy of most land-dwelling beach resort goers. As the captain of your own charter, you can be first to land upon a romantic unspoiled beach or enjoy sipping Champagne before a picture-perfect sunset. Of course, there are reasons to dock ship … Read more

The Hotel Interior Trends for 2016

With every new season comes a catalogue of new trends, styles, and colours to explore and discover, especially when it comes to hotel interiors! After all, staying overnight in a hotel is a luxury that many of us look forward to, so attention to detail is essential when it comes to creating a stylish, comfortable, … Read more

Luxury hotels for boxing fans

Despite the sport of boxing has been with us for thousands of years, it’s only in the past few decades that it has emerged to be one of the most lucrative sports around. Many of the world’s top bouts now involve huge amounts of prize money with equally impressive pay-per-view television rights and a wealth of … Read more