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Luxury Villa Accommodation Puerto Vallarta




There are many fantastic holiday resorts to choose from around the world, with a choice of stunning beaches, fabulous attractions and glorious weather. Whether you are looking for a romantic break for two, or a family holiday with sun, sea and sand, it is difficult to beat Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico, for sheer brilliance. This gloriously beautiful place has it all – amazing beaches, crystal clear waters and a lively, vibrant city for excellent nightlife, and you will find it to be an amazingly friendly and welcoming place.

There is also plenty of top class accommodation, and we recommend you consider Puerto Vallarta villas as the primary option. We will talk in more detail about why a villa is the best option in a moment, but suffice to say you will get luxurious accommodation in a prime setting, generally with fine views and excellent facilities within. The beach will be within walking distance, as will the fine amenities and attractions of the town. There are many reasons why Puerto Vallarta is a popular holiday destination, so let’s have a look at what they are.

Why Puerto Vallarta?

Modern day air travel means we can afford to reach distant and exotic destinations that would once have been out of reach of everyone bar the very wealthy. Mexico is not an expensive country to travel to – or indeed to stay in – hence the growth in popularity of destination resorts such as Puerto Vallarta. There is much to see and do in the wonderful, lively and friendly city, and in the surrounding area.

Sitting at the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range, Puerto Vallarta offers stunning scenery including a variety of rivers, waterfalls, forests and more, so you are guaranteed spectacular scenes wherever you are. However, it’s the amazingly beautiful beaches, lined with palm trees for shade, that are the main attraction for many. Looking out over Banderas Bay, with the crystal clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean lapping at the shores, it is difficult to imagine a more tranquil place to be.

The bay is perfect and popular for diving; underwater mountains provide a spectacular place to explore, and a wealth of wildlife abounds here in perfect conditions. Fishing is also a popular pastime here, and you can find charter boats at many points in Puerto Vallarta and around. Surfing is a great way of letting your hair down and the conditions here are spot on, or you could simply settle back and enjoy a relaxing day under the wonderful Mexican sun, and take shade under a palm tree with a cool drink.

Relax and Enjoy

After a leisurely day on the beach, you want to get out and enjoy yourself, and Puerto Vallarta has plenty to offer in terms of nightlife. The wonderfully evocative Old Town is a place where you can view wonderful old architecture and also let your hair down in a choice of fabulous bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as lively clubs. The same is so of the iconic Malecon, the beach-front boardwalk that has recently been restored, and now features a range of fascinating sculptures that are well worth seeing.

The city comes to life at night, but is equally interesting during the day. There are very fine restaurants here – the local seafood is highly recommended – serving both local and international cuisine, while charming cafes and fascinating shops abound. It is a very beautiful place to walk around, with a wealth of older buildings plus art galleries and museums to visit, so is worth taking time out to stroll through Puerto Vallarta during the day and get to know this friendly and lively city.

Luxurious Accommodation

Why do we recommend a villa as the primary form of accommodation? There are many reasons, and perhaps the most important is that you get complete privacy and freedom to come and go as you please, without any of the restrictions that may be placed upon you in a hotel. The choice of villas in Puerto Vallarta is comprehensive, and each comes with stunning facilities and a fantastic location. All are luxuriously appointed, and many come with the provision of two meals a day. If you prefer self-catering – and there are excellent markets selling fresh produce around the town – you can, so you can cook al fresco as most villas offer outdoor cooking facilities.

If you want a pool there are villas to choose from with outdoor heated swimming, and you can find some that have many bedrooms, so can accommodated two families that may be on holiday together. Your privacy is guaranteed, and you also get accommodation that is usually within a few minutes’ walk of the beach, and also within easy reach of the facilities and attractions of the town. Furthermore, you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it can be to rent a villa in Puerto Vallarta.

Getting There

Puerto Vallarta is served by a busy international airport so is easy to reach from around the world, and is also a popular port for cruise ships. The city itself is easy to traverse by public transport, but walking is the preferred method of enjoying this great and wonderful city. It’s a place where, once you have experienced it, you will want to return to try it again, as one visit is never enough to take in everything that there is on offer. Why not check out Puerto Vallarta villas in more detail, and book a wonderful holiday in this charming and enchanting resort.

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