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Who doesn’t like the thrill of packing up enough clothes and other essential belongings for a luxurious stay in a hotel?   Maybe it’s the fact that you know you will have to do very little in the way of housekeeping, cooking and other mundane day to day tasks, or maybe it’s the idea of checking in somewhere and not having to leave the comfort of the hotel’s buildings because it has enough amenities and extras to keep you occupied during your stay?

Perhaps it’s a little bit of both.  Whatever the reason, staying at a hotel can be one of the most rewarding ways to spend time away from the comforts of your home whether it’s for business or pleasure.

Travelling takes up a lot of my time.  I need to travel a lot because of my business, but I also enjoy travelling which is why I decided to create a site that focused not so much on the actual countries, cities and other destinations, or the flights and other forms of transportation I rely on, but the hotels.

Hotels from 1 to 5 Stars, Everything In-between And Beyond

I wanted the site to become a great resource for people who are new to staying in hotels and want an honest guide to some of the best and not so good hotels around the world.  The site covers the full spectrum of accommodation from high end, 5 star hotels all the way down to easy on the budget, no thrills 1 star hotel.

As I said earlier, I travel and stay in hotels a lot for business and pleasure reasons, and I think I have developed a good understanding of what makes the difference between a good hotel and a bad one.

A Look at Some of the Best Hotels in the World

The website will feature some reviews of outstanding places my girlfriend and I have visited, such as The Iberostar Grand Parasio in Mexico and The Palms in Dubai, as well as profile articles on places like The Shard hotel in London and what the hotels of the future may be like and what kind of features they may have.

I am also going to look at how the 5 star rating systems can be different from country to country.  For example, one hotel in Greece that calls itself 5 stars may actually be less than that when compared to another 5 star hotel in a different country.

The Experience of Finding Hotels Online

It is important when talking about hotel to spend a little time looking at Trip Advisor and discussing why I think it is such an indispensable guide and resource to finding great hotels.  I will also look at why you should exercise some discretion when reading some of the overly positive or negative reviews.

Hotel Comparison sites also come under the spotlight, as I give my thoughts on whether these are worth using or not.

British Hotel Chains and B&Bs

Finally, I have also taken the time to specifically look at British hotel chains and for when you don’t want the full on hotel experience – B7Bs!

Enjoy reading – I really hope you find the site useful and informative!