A Yacht Charter to Shores of Luxury and Comfort

Sailing is an exhilarating experience that can take you on a holiday journey the envy of most land-dwelling beach resort goers. As the captain of your own charter, you can be first to land upon a romantic unspoiled beach or enjoy sipping Champagne before a picture-perfect sunset.

Of course, there are reasons to dock ship and take a break in a stunning resort. Sailing, while thrilling, can be heavy work, and images of couples eating caviar carefree out the upper deck don’t take into account the temperament of the sea and the navigational skills needed to steer clear of choppy water.

A night in a luxurious beach resort can provide the right amount of balance, steering a vessel to stunning destinations while taking a much-desired break on land. Here are some of the benefits of a yacht charter holiday that include just the right amount of land-based travel, luxury, and comfort.

Before the break of dawn

Many tours can be booked right from a hotel or resort, but in most cases, you won’t be alone. Not only will you be in the company of your own party, but most tours also tend to take off at the same time in order to reach attractions at optimal times. You’ll need to be ready, packed, and breakfasted before the tour. Now decide to visit the same attraction from your yacht charter and you won’t be at the beck and call of the group. In fact, the chances are that you can arrive at a destination before anyone else – just picture that stunning beach all to yourself (selves). No rushing back to the bus, and no one telling you what to enjoy. Oh, and breakfast will be had on the way.

That’s a pretty good reason not to dock your boat…

Pampered to perfection

A bareboat yacht charter puts you at the helm of your holiday. Sail along whichever islands you’re set on visiting. If sailing along the Caribbean, dock in English, Spanish and French harbors – try a wide variety of fresh, healthy cuisine and visit beaches and coves only accessible by boat. None of this unprecedented freedom should suggest that a night in a luxury resort along the way isn’t well deserved. It’s all well and good to captain your holiday, but a restful stop along your journey will be welcome. Depending on the type of yacht holiday you’ve booked, you’ll be setting sail before the break of dawn. You’ll be preparing your own meals and using a lot of technical navigational equipment to steer your vessel in the right direction. What you might not have on board is a masseuse to ease those weary muscles. Or a buffet to gorge on that you won’t have to prepare yourself. A tour can be quite relaxing as you place trust in another to show you the sights and offer you insightful information you didn’t have to research beforehand.

A bareboat yacht charter is about taking charge and cruising to a stunning break. But nobody said you don’t deserve to be pampered at a stunning resort along the way.

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