The Amazing Dan Carmel Hotel in the City Haifa

The Dan Carmel is the first and most fashionable hotel in the popular city called Haifa. It provides cherished panoramic views from the top of Carmel Mountain at Haifa City and sights above the Mediterranean. This is considered to be one of the best places for spending vacations with your loved ones.

The complete splendor and majesty are just awesome over the Galil and Golan Landscape and Haifa Bay. The renovated rooms and suits of Dan Carmel have been made with a tone of classic and sophistication together with modern accessories. The extreme comfort offered has made it to be the best hotel all over the world. There are some large-size bathrooms made for pleasure and the 42-inch LED screen that has multimedia outlets allow you to relax and calm down after a tiresome day at work or a tour.

Features of the Dan Carmel Hotel

The Dan Carmel Haifa hotels have fashionable entrance halls and open areas that are the ideal place for deep thinking. There is a big swimming pool amongst the trees of the moist gardens. This creates a captivating and relaxing area to recuperate.

The Dan Carmel in Haifa is the ideal place when you want to discover the northern region of Israel.  In 2001, it is the charming city of Acre that had been confirmed as a World Heritage site. Acre is amongst the ancient port cities throughout the entire world that dates back to the Bronze Age in the past. The place had been defeated by the Crusaders, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Ottoman.

Facilities offered by the hotel

The hotel provides various activities that include:

  • children’s activity center,
  • computer games for children
  • health and fitness club,
  • massage for fee
  • salsa classes in the evenings,
  • swimming facility

The popularity of Acre

Acre is well-known for castles and ancient city and its terrific seafood. The hotels are located almost an hour away from Nazareth which is known as the holy city.  Nazareth is the infancy abode of the Lord Jesus Christ as explained in the New Testament. It is the main Church and is filled with shrines and churches. It memorializes biblical events which consists of Annunciation Church at the conventional website of Mary and Joseph’s home.

There are several options for dining in the Haifa hotels where you can enjoy delicious food with your family. Some of these options include – light dairy in the lobby to chicken items in the Palachi Pub where your catering requirements will be fulfilled with nominal effort. If you are planning to discover plan a tour of this city, then the Dan Carmel is considered to be a closed hotel to restaurants, malls, and cafes. This allows the guests to have great entertainment and enjoy the nightlife of the city. You will find Louis Promenade at the front part of the hotel which enables you to visit the most attractive places in the city. This hotel is also preferred by business owners because it provides banquet service and broad conferences with professional and specialized experts.

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