5 Cities for Stunning Architecture

Everyone travels for different reasons. Some people seek out new culinary delights; some learn about the history of their latest destination and some look for places to play their favourite sport. And some people love to marvel at the feats of architecture found the world over. Countries all over the world have amazing pieces of … Read more

Three Amazing Bucket List Experiences around South Africa

I have always heard about the amazing landscapes, exotic wildlife, and breathtaking paradise-like beaches that the beautiful land of South Africa had to offer, but it is only once you actually experience the beauty firsthand, that it becomes apparent how awe-inspiring this country truly is. It is absolutely impossible to experience each and every experience … Read more

Hotel Comparison and Booking Websites

Since the economic slump that occurred in the last decade, price comparison sites have become hugely popular with people looking to secure the best deals on anything from insurance to game consoles, cars, flights, and even hotels now.  There are also booking sites that claim to save you money and take the hassle out of … Read more

Hotels Of The Future – What Will They Be Like?

The hotel is in a constant cycle of evolution and as engineering techniques and technology improve and advance, there are designers, architects, investors, and developers who are pushing the envelope with regard to what a hotel should look like. With that in mind, what does the future hold for us with regard to hotels?  That … Read more

The Atlantis Palm Dubai

Dubai is not known for its subtlety, but rather for its opulence and the showy display of wealth and materialism and that is why people love it.  The Atlantis Palm hotel there is one of the biggest examples of Dubai’s love of all things OTT! Its name is taken from the mythological island mentioned in … Read more

The Iberostar Grand Parasio in Mexico

The Iberostar Grand Paraiso is located on the Riviera Maya in Mexico and is a truly exquisite place to stay.  I visited there recently with my girlfriend and I only have good things to say about it. The hotel is aimed at the higher end of the 5-star hotel market and we could see why … Read more

Trip Advisor – Is It Useful or Not?

As I am sure anyone else who has traveled as much or more than I will agree Trip Advisor is a great website to use when you need to know if somewhere is a good place or a bad place to visit.  The places reviewed on Trip Advisor range from Hotels, B&Bs, and other forms … Read more