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B&Bs – Why People Often Prefer Them to Hotels


Although the vast majority of people up and down this beautiful country do enjoy staying in the lap of luxury in a hotel with all the mod cons, special features and amenities; I have discovered that there is a growing trend in people opting out of staying in hotels and picking B&Bs instead.  Although they may seem like a step down from hotels, if you have the wrong perspective on B&Bs as a form of accommodation, I think I know why people prefer them.

Nicer Locations and Settings

One reason why B&Bs are the preferred choice of accommodation over bigger, fancier hotels is simply that B&Bs are often located in nicer places and have more aesthetically pleasing surroundings.  Hotels are often found in the heart of cities, unless it is a little local independent or expensive boutique hotel in a suburban or rural area.  While B&Bs, which are often smaller than hotels, are normally located in places outside the big cities.

More Personal And Tailored Experience

Although most B&Bs can’t compete in terms of the size and amenities offered by modern hotels, I think they will always win when it comes to actual customer service and the overall experience.  When you stay in a B&B it does not feel like a faceless corporation with people hired not necessarily because they love their job, like many hotels feel.   When you stay at a B&B y0u are normally greeted by one of the owners and given a very friendly welcome.  B&B owners seem to consider customer service and experience as important as the actual comfort and quality of the rooms and dining they offer.

They Are Cheaper

This is pretty self-explanatory and I think goes without saying but it is worth repeating that staying in B&B instead of hotels is cheaper.  Although you could argue that hotels are more expensive because of the city location, the amenities, room service and whatever else they offer; in terms of actual value for money, I still believe that many B&Bs can compete and win against quite a few of the country’s best hotels.

They Are Quieter

Obviously if you go to an inner city hotel with 400 plus rooms, it is going to be quite busy and noisy.  While, that small 5-room B&B in that little village just outside of the city, will be a lot quieter and peaceful.

As always, it really depends what you want individually, when trying to decide which is best.  I don’t actually think for that reason that is one that is actually better than the other.  I like both for their differences.

If you want a luxurious, inner city accommodation that offers meals all day and night, room service and whatever your heart desires – you might be best choosing a hotel.

Unless you want something a more personal and welcoming experience in a smaller setting. If that is what you would like from your accommodation experience, then a B&B would be more up your street.

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