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The Atlantis Palm Dubai

Dubai is not known for its subtlety, but rather for its opulence and the showy…

ByByHeatherSep 26, 20143 min read

The Iberostar Grand Parasio in Mexico

The Iberostar Grand Paraiso is located on the Riviera Maya in Mexico and is a…

ByByHeatherSep 12, 20143 min read

The Shard Shangri-La – Hotel in the Clouds

You are probably most familiar with The Shard as being that 87-storey, 309 meters tall…

ByByHeatherAug 29, 20143 min read

Trip Advisor – Is It Useful or Not?

As I am sure anyone else who has traveled as much or more than I…

ByByHeatherAug 15, 20143 min read