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The 5 Best Themed Hotels in the UK


Many themed hotels have emerged in recent years, but there are some that demanded to be visited. We are therefore taking a look at the 5 best themed hotels in the UK.

1. 30 James Street – Liverpool, England

30 James Street is more than your average themed hotel. It is a little piece of history. The building was formerly the White Star Line’s HQ – which was RMS Titanic’s port of registry. For this reason, RMS Titanic has always been synonymous with Liverpool, and vice versa.

30 James Street opened its hotel doors just last year to guests, with each room celebrating an individual connection to the White Star Line or paying tribute to a notable passenger aboard the ship. You can therefore stay in the Molly Brown Quarters or relax in the RMS Britannic Cabin.

You haven’t lived until you’ve dined at 30 James Street’s Carpathia Champagne Bar and Restaurant, which offers magnificent views of the Liverpool skyline and Three Graces. You can also enjoy a relaxing massage or beauty treatment at Morgan’s Spa. The perfect city break!

2. The Chocolate Boutique Hotel – Bournemouth, England

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Combine that with a trip in a luxurious hotel and you’re pretty much in heaven, right? Right! The Chocolate Boutique Hotel is inspired by, you guessed it, chocolate, as each and every room offers a wonderful brown hue that you will want to just gobble up there and then!

You can sip on chocolate cocktails and you will also receive daily helpings of chocolate. You can even enjoy delicious chocolate pancakes for breakfast. So, if you have a sweet tooth, this is one hotel you will want to book.

3. The Witchery by the Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland

Who says gothic design can’t be sophisticated? The Witchery by the Castle offers a haunting design in a historic location. Located at the top of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, in the heart of the city’s old town, you will fall in love with the ancient, theatrical style. The Witchery offers exquisite rooms, fine dining and can also host numerous events. Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber even stated “is this the prettiest restaurant ever? I think so”.

So, if you are travelling to the beautiful city of Edinburgh any time soon, you must book a stay at The Witchery by the Castle.

4. Signature Living – Liverpool, England

If you are looking for a hotel that offers style, flexibility and a good time, Signature Living’s party hotel should be your number one choice. Signature Living offers a variety of themed rooms that have been inspired by the entertainment industry.

You can feel as cool and sleek as 007 in the James Bond Duplex, or as sassy as Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex and the City suite. For those who love the elegance of Audrey Hepburn or the charisma of Jim Morrison, we highly recommend The Iconic Penthouse.

5. The Old Railway Station – Petworth, England

Formerly known as Petworth Railway Station, which was built in 1892, it is now known as the Old Railways Station – a unique hotel that embodies the building’s history. When you stay in this unique hotel, you will experience the golden age of rail travel.
Offering a stunning amalgamation of modern design and traditional interior, it’s an ideal way to journey back in time. You can enjoy a unique hotel stay in either the Old Station House or one of four restored Pullman Carriages. So buy a ticket and step onboard!

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