Serviced Apartment with Week2Week or a B&B?

Many people are familiar with the term B&B and have no doubt stayed in them time and time again after all B&Bs are a cultural part of being British!

One thing with a B&B is the type of traveller these types of accommodation usually attract typically the recreational type. However, on the flip side of this more and more business travellers are starting to favour them for a range of reasons.

Firstly having the first meal of the day ready for you and classed by many as ‘the most important meal of the day’ is incredibly valuable to a business person who needs to get moving quickly in the morning to set up for a productive day ahead!

Negative Aspects of B&Bs for Business Visitors

However, there are also many negatives that don’t suit business travellers when it comes to bed and breakfast accommodations. These negative factors include:

  • No office/desk area
  • No printing equipment for printing business documents
  • No iron

The Breakfast

So as highlighted earlier in the article breakfast is clearly very important to business travellers, so what about receiving breakfast at a serviced apartment – will business people be able to get the best of both worlds?

Week2Week Serviced Apartments Newcastle understand the importance of this and feels that visitors should be able to have the best of both worlds – a beautiful serviced apartment with all the amenities, as well as the option to have breakfast.

Each serviced apartment with Week2Week allows visitors to book the grocery and shopping service meaning that everything will be ready for your stay when you check-in.

This truly means that Week2Week can be your new B&B alternative in the Newcastle area.

Stay with Week2Week

If you want to try a beautiful serviced apartment with breakfast included then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Oh, we also forgot to mention that when you stay with us you will get Wi-Fi absolutely free of charge.

Either visit our website to find out more or call us direct on 0191 281 3129

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