What is a Serviced Apartment?


When looking to travel an increasing amount of people are searching for more comfort, more facilities and an overall enjoyable stay at the chosen destination. The seeking for accommodation comfort is not just popular for business travellers but also for recreational travellers too.

Due to this, the accommodation has evolved to fulfil this need to give the visitor a better overall experience. These types of accommodation include hotels and serviced apartments.

However, if you ask somebody what a hotel is you will get an instant answer, but on the other hand when asking someone whether they know what a serviced apartment is the answer might be somewhat delayed or in some instances not at all!

The rest of this article will look at what a service apartment actually is and address this question.

Serviced Apartments

In short, a serviced apartment is a furnished apartment with amenities that is available to stay in for both short and long-term periods.

Let’s look a bit deeper at serviced apartments.

Stay Length

When you stay at a serviced apartment you can choose to stay in the accommodation with very flexible stay lengths. This might range from a brief two-night stay ranging to a long two-month stay depending on your requirements.

Share the Cost

If looking at group travel it might be advisable to choose a service apartment over a hotel. This of it like this: with a hotel, you will be charged per head; however with a serviced apartment you will be charged (depending on serviced apartment company) a fixed price for the stay as a whole. Therefore, group travel can be much more cost-effective when choosing a serviced apartment.

Home Feeling & Catering

With serviced apartments, you will get your own kitchen area with kitchen utensils meaning you will be able to enjoy self-catering without compromise. As you will have a fully furnished apartment to yourself you will have the comfort of that home away from home feeling, which makes the experience all that more satisfying!


One of the biggest benefits of serviced apartments is having more space to yourself in comparison to a standard hotel stay. Many serviced apartments will not only give you much space indoors but also provide terraced areas, patio areas and garden space.


Of course, this goes without saying by staying at a serviced apartment you will reap the benefits of having your own space separated from staff that you would usually come in contact with when staying at a hotel.

If you enjoy your own space and value your privacy, then serviced apartments would be ideal for your preferences.


Pricing for apartments varies depending on the location, number of bedrooms and length of stay. Just like a hotel room you get what you pay for.

One of the things to take into consideration when receiving a quote for your stay in a serviced apartment is to be mindful of all the privacy, comfort, amenities and that home away from home feeling you will receive.

Enjoy your Stay

If you are swayed by a serviced apartment for the reasons listed above we hope you have a great stay and if like us you will no doubt be bitten by the serviced apartments bug and switch from hotel rooms to beautiful serviced apartments.

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