Why Choose an Italian Multi Centre Holiday?

Italy has so many sights to see and so many things to do. For many people, it is a country where just one visit is never enough. If you limit your stay to just one city or even a single region, so many others may appear just out of reach unless you come back again – and again.

But why limit yourself to just one base for your visit, when you might stay in two, three or even more different centres during your stay?

The secret of Italy’s multi-centre holidays is being explored by travel experts and specialists such as Bellarome and others so that you might pack more into a single holiday than the sights and attractions that are within striking distance of just the one-holiday base.

To get some impression of the variety and diversity you might enjoy through the benefit of a multi-centre holiday, you might want to consider some of the itineraries and combinations currently on offer – or tailor your own, to suit your particular tastes and interests.

Rome, Florence, Venice and Lake Garda

This is probably the classic grand Italian tour – and for good reason too:

  • Travel on to your next centre in Florence and visit the cradle of the Renaissance, in all its glory still.
  • Venice, its canals and its gondolas remain an Italian icon.
  • And, finally, the serenity and tranquillity of the stunning Lake Garda make an ideal spot at which to kick back and relax on the finale of your holiday.

Sorrento and Capri

If it is stunning coastal scenery you want, you may want to make one base in Sorrento, just south of the city of Naples, and take a drive along the stunningly beautiful Amalfi coast.

Having completed your stint of touring, simply move to hotels to enjoy the romantic calm of the magical isle of Capri.

Catania and Sicily

Although you might want to avoid the scorching heat of the height of summer, practically any time of the year in Sicily offers a chance to get to know the otherworldliness of Italy’s largest island.

Make a base in the city of Catania for starters, but cover the whole of the island by staying in other hotels in Palermo and Agrigento as part of a multi-centre holiday.

Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, and Capri

This is a multi-centre holiday that probably has it all.

The capital and historic centre that is Rome, the bustling, busy and vibrant city of Naples, the strikingly well-preserved ruins at Pompeii, the scenic beauty of Sorrento and the tranquil charm and romanticism of Capri – what more could you want?

Italy has so much to offer, it seems almost a crime to limit your visit to just one centre from which to base your holiday – why not make it a twin or multi-centre holiday instead?

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