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Amazing Singapore cruise tour package




Singapore is one of the top rated holiday destinations in the entire world where the tourists keep visiting day in and day out.  It is the most visited destination full of futuristic and self-assured and even sparkling place to enjoy the entire trip in a delightful manner. The place is loved by the visitor because of the lively ambiance and exclusive beauty.

The breathtaking green covers in the mid of the Marvel and the skyscrapers all together make Singapore a top rated tourist spot.  A trip to Singapore is definitely loved by all. With the pristine beaches, the world class attractions, sports and retreats, all are fully entertaining in the places. Cruise ride is the most desired trip that we all crave for.

Singapore Cruise Tour Package

The Singapore tour package covers a large area of movement as the entire trip covers various tourist destinations which cannot be missed once you visit the place.  The trip starts with reaching the airport and the car transfer takes you to the booked hotel. Taking few hours of rest consuming the breakfast the trip starts with viewing the places driving around the Civic District, through the Padang, Cricket Club, City Hall.

You may stop over to the Merlion Park to enjoy the lovely view of the Marina Bay. The Botanic Gardens, National Orchid Garden, Merlion, the Thian Hock Keng Temple and other notable locations are also covered.  Later, you will be transferred to the Cruise terminal and the night will be spent at the Celebrity Disco. It is the main highlight and adds to your memory as golden time spent with your loved ones in the trip.

The trip to the Penang takes more time like an entire day since you may feel lost admiring vintage beauty of the place. There are other activities entailed in it which encourage on to enjoy the beauty of the place with sumptuous food. The overnight stay at cruise is just an awesome feeling altogether.  Finally, the cruise proceeds towards the Jurong Bird Park, which is the home of 600 species is another bliss to witness live.

Places to visit

1. Botanic Gardens

The beautiful natural Botanic Garden is a bliss. It is the hub of 158 years old tropical plants residing there. It is honored by the UNESCO World Heritage site.

2. Penang or Pulau Tioman

It is one of the most beautiful vintage abode to witness while you are on a cruise ride in Singapore.

3. Jurong Bird Park

It is home to several species which makes the place lively. The scenic cab; car ride, the underwater drive, the dolphin lagoon show and other activities offer a wonderful feeling.

4. City Hall

Witness the modernized city like structure and feeling of luxurious at the City Hall. These features make the place really attractive.

5. Merlion

It is a well- known iconic place in Singapore which depicts various mythical creatures and the Lions head together attracts a large number of tourist each year. These are some of the best attractions you can enjoy during your Singapore cruise ride witnessing the live beat places in Singapore.


Explore the top Amazing Singapore by purchasing the dynamic package entailing the superior holiday in cruise sailing the entire day and night. The best of the cruise trip is enjoying on an international tour to a place like Singapore.

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