Golden Opportunity to Swim with Whale Sharks

The oceans have always held a fascination for mankind; vast and mysterious, and simply teeming with a wealth of wildlife, the planet’s oceans remain unexplored in some areas, yet there are parts where you can actively interact with the wildlife, and take the opportunity to observe – and even swim with – some of the most glorious and serene creatures on Earth. Finding somewhere you can get up close with some of these magnificent creatures is a joy, and you can’t do much better than to visit the glorious and spectacular Ningaloo Reef, off the coast of Western Australia.

Here, you can witness a varied and amazing selection of stunning sea creatures, but quite possibly the highlight is the chance to swim with some of the most magnificent of all – the Whale Sharks. Despite their name, whale sharks are absolutely docile creatures that will often interact with divers, and young ones can be very playful indeed. You can join an organized tour with Ningaloo Whaleshark-N-Dive who are the acknowledged experts in whale shark tours in the area, and who have a wonderfully equipped vessel to take you on your magical tour.

The Majesty of Whale Sharks

Trust us when we tell you that your first encounter with a whale shark will take your breath away. These utterly placid, calm, and wonderful fish – indeed, the largest species of fish known to exist – glide through the ocean waters effortlessly, and are a delight to behold. Swimming alongside one of these incredible creatures, which on average reaches around 10m in length at adulthood, and sometimes more, is an experience that you will never forget, and as these animals pose no danger to humans, anyone can swim with the whale sharks and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

You will sail about the Ningaloo Whaleshark-N-Dive vessel, the Aliikai, which is a fully fitted ship designed for the purpose. On your trip, you will be accompanied by a Marine Biologist who will teach you all about these beautiful whale sharks, and the many other sea creatures you may be lucky enough to encounter. These include the majestic manta rays, the amazing humpbacked whales, plus turtles, dolphins, and more, as you explore this glorious reef and get to know the ocean as you never did before.

A Family Experience

As we have already explained, whale sharks are absolutely harmless, and those in the Ningaloo Reef are used to divers them. This means that anyone who can swim can enjoy the experience of getting close to a whale shark – even the children in the family. You will be accompanied by experts who know the waters well, and who can take you to exactly where the whale sharks – and other creatures – should be so you get the best chance of a sighting.

If this sounds like a trip you must take – and believe it, it really is – then check out the website now, and book your family a day out that they will never forget.

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