Why It’s Important Not to Take Drugs while Traveling Abroad


People are often heard advising close friends and family about remaining alert and vigilant at the airport, and refraining from accepting packages/bags from strangers. This is because of the many cases that have been reported from around the world involving international drug smuggling. All countries and border authorities have adopted strict measures against individuals found in possession of illegal drugs, while some countries imprison or deport smugglers, others may also award death sentences to violators of the law. Apart from punishment of the individual involved, the country the violator hails from may also face consequences in terms of a ban, extra screenings at international airports and a number of travelling restrictions.

Controlled Drugs and Prescribed Medication

If individuals wish to carry controlled/prescribed drugs in their luggage, this too requires prior official permission of the immigration authorities of the country. For instance, according to the law of the United Kingdom, an official license is required in case an individual carrying medication containing controlled drugs wishes to enter or leave the country for three months or more. Individuals wishing to travel carrying these medications are required to apply for their licenses at least ten days before travelling. Similar laws and regulations are seen in other countries as well.

Australia for instance, has banned carrying Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines out of the country and advises all travelers to read drug related laws set by other countries beforehand to avoid inconvenience. Travelers must carry prescription notices written by a doctor outlining who the prescription is for and for what dosage. According to Bay Area Recovery (click here), the medicine should also essentially be in its original packaging when it is being carried out of the country, so international authorities can identify it easily.  It is also essential to state whether the prescribed drugs are being carried for personal use or are intended for someone else, such as for your child.

Capital Punishment for Violators

It is critical to note that immigration authorities and drug inspectors use the most advanced technology, screening methods and detectors for even trace amounts of illegal drugs. Any individual found in possession of illegal drugs at airports or borders are potentially subject to the most stringent, harshest treatment. Authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for instance, do not tolerate violation of drug laws and immediately give death sentences to smugglers. It is for this reason that everyone must remain vigilant at airports and other entry/exit points internationally for any suspicious strangers requesting people to hold packages or carry extra luggage as a favor. When traveling with kids, it is essential to forbid them from speaking to strangers or taking any gifts from them at airports.

Ensuring Luggage Safety Before Travelling

One of the best ways of checking whether or not your luggage is entirely safe while traveling is to browse medicine/drug rules available at embassies, consulates and official websites of countries you are planning to travel to. All countries offer comprehensive information on national travelling laws and a complete list of banned/forbidden substances in the country. For the sake of their lives and the reputation of their country, travelers have been banned from carrying any illegal drugs by all countries and their immigration authorities around the globe.

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