Tips for Saving Money on Hotel Costs While Travelling

So you are planning a trip abroad and want to stay in a nice luxury hotel, but want to stay within a tight budget, what do you do?  Well, you could do far wrong than reading the following article that will explain some tips for saving money on hotel costs and ways to supplement the money you have to save for travelling by working while you are on holiday.

Shop Around For the Best Hotel Deals

It should be common sense in the modern day and age we live in when purchasing anything.  It is often incredible the amount of money you can save on hotel rooms, by not settling on the very first deal your search yields.  As well as looking at comparison sites, and travel broker sites; it is often worth cutting out any middlemen and going directly to the hotel that you are interested in and seeing the promotions and deals they are offering.

Be As Flexible As Possible With Regards To When You Want To Travel

Although many people don’t have much choice in the time they have to travel, because of setting holiday periods etc.; if you have any flexibility in deciding when you take your holidays, you could use this to your advantage and choose to travel at a time when you know hotel rooms are going to be cheaper.  While hotels that are aimed at corporate and business travellers have better weekend deals, hotels aimed at guests travelling for pleasure and leisure tend to have better and more affordable room deals during the week.  It is always a good idea to try and book hotel rooms at times of the year when there are fewer tourists.  Not only will the price be better, but the hotel will be quieter, so less crowded and busy.

Earn While You Stay

You could supplement the hotel and travelling expenses of your trip by taking your laptop along with you and earning some extra money.  Although you might not like the idea of working, you don’t have to do it the whole time you are there, but at quieter points when you are just sitting around in your hotel could be efficient to earn some money writing online.  You could even use the experience of staying at that particular hotel or your travel to write essays about the subject.

When Possible Speak To the Hotel Directly

In any situation, when you are trying to get a better deal for your hotel room, it is always wise to speak directly with the hotel.  Not only will you be able to find out if there are special discounts for booking over the phone, but you might find out that there are special deals not listed on the website or through the tour operators or hotel broker websites.  Speaking directly to someone at the hotel is also the best way to find out if there have been any last-minute cancellations.  You will find that most hotels would rather offer some rooms at a reduced price if it means being fully booked than trying to get full price for rooms and those rooms staying empty.

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