Top Sports-Themed Hotels

Themed hotels are great fun and combine what might otherwise be a slog, finding accommodation, into something that can be an adventure all of its own. There are some incredible themed hotels across the world, including some that even defy belief, such as medieval dungeon-themed hotels. But today we won’t be dealing with cold stone walls and steel bars.

Instead, let’s look at something much more fun; sports-themed hotels. Hotels with a sports theme are generally found in the vicinity of popular sports stadiums, aimed to house those that visit the stadium for important matches. Who, after all, doesn’t love spending time at a sports game, especially after finding the best AFL betting odds, only to return to an accommodation venue that further carries the buzz?

Here are some of the most interesting and impressive sports-themed hotels in the world.

Hotel Boca, Buenos Aires

Located in beautiful Buenos Aires, the Hotel Boca is a stunning venue, boasting stunning interiors and lavish decorations. Perhaps not as loud about its sports theme as some other venues on this list, the Hotel Boca instead takes a level-headed approach to its theme. The hotel was created with the intention of housing fans, local and foreign, of the Argentinian football team. Hence, those traveling to Argentina to watch a match might think of the Hotel Boca when looking for a place to lay their weary head.

Besides the beautiful interior, guests can view some interesting football-related displays and memorabilia, which are accessible to all guests. Many people from Europe flock to this hotel where they can enjoy a mix of comfort and sporting mania all in one place.

All-Star Sports Resort, Walt Disney World, Florida

As Hotel Boca is understated, the All-Star Sports Resort in Walt Disney World is the exact opposite. Featuring enormous, sports-related displays, plus colorful, novel decorations that span the entire sides of buildings, a person might believe they’ve been teleported to a bizarre dimension where sports were an essential part of building materials.

It isn’t all about being novel to the eye, however, as there are also fun sports-related activities for the whole family. Either way, don’t forget to pose with the displays of Donald Duck and their friends playing baseball.

Hardwood Suite at the Palms, Las Vegas

This isn’t so much a sports-themed hotel, as it is a single sports-themed suite at a hotel. The hardwood suite has a bowling alley built into the room. Why you might ask? Because who doesn’t love waking up to a quick few rounds of bowling with friends, that’s why.

The suite is notorious for being a bit of a silly concept, but guests love it anyway. The Hardwood Suite is extremely popular with guests, and many take the room with a few friends, for a night of endless bowling fun. It costs a pretty penny to rent out the room, however, so be sure you’re really dedicated to an all-out bowling night before putting down the cash.

On the upside, you could always hit Las Vegas if the bowling gets boring, so you can’t complain about the lack of nearby entertainment. Contact the Palms hotel for more information about this amazing accommodation novelty.

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