Accommodation During The FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is coming around once again, which means that tens of thousands of sports fans will once again be jumping on planes, and heading off to watch their favourite teams. But one can’t let the excitement of being present for good sports get in the way of good travel planning. A trip for the purpose of watching football is still a trip, after all, so one must remember to look at things like appropriate accommodation.

The FIFA World Cup is to be held in Russia this year, with the various matches spread out at stadiums across the country. So, first and foremost, be sure to take note of where the games are being held that you will watch, and what accommodation is available nearby. You should also take note of the teams taking part and their previous performances so you can make the most of your FIFA World Cup betting. Shuttle services run during World Cup events, so mark the nearest shuttle location to your accommodation venue.

Hotels Versus Camping Venues

Russia announced that it will be cutting back on accommodation costs, in an effort to save during an economic downturn. But this is no need for concern. The country has still promised to provide beds for up to 100,000 guests, far more than the 60,000 required by FIFA. So you won’t be left high and dry, with no place to lay your weary head.

But that bed may not be under a roof but under the stars. Many of the accommodation locations will be in camping sites, but this certainly isn’t a bad thing. For one, campsites are a great deal more affordable than hotels, which is an excellent way for travellers to save some cash. Plus, many of the campsites provided will be first class, providing electrical outlets, and conveniently nearby shopping locations. What could be wrong with spending the evenings in a forest, or on the shore of a beautiful lake?

Distance To Games

We mentioned you should take note of shuttle locations, and this goes especially for those who find themselves using accommodation in campsites. In a statement, the Russian organisers of the World Cup said that some camping locations will be a fair distance from sports stadiums. In some cases as far as 1,000 kilometres. That’s a lengthy trip, to say the least, although still manageable.

Simply be sure to plan ahead for any travelling required. In this case, an early start to the day might be the wisest decision. On the other hand, if travelling great distances to the games doesn’t sound appealing, be sure to book your accommodation at nearby hotels in advance. There may be some demand for nearby hotels, so getting your booking in early is a good step to take.

Either way, keep in mind that the number of beds required for visitors will be exceeded, so finding accommodation one way or the other shouldn’t be a problem. With an event such as a World Cup, it’s more a matter of finding accommodation that is most convenient to your needs. Enjoy the games, and good luck!

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