How to Take Better Care of Your Back while Traveling

For many people, traveling can be a pleasurable or painful ordeal. The way you travel will always reflect on your back.  Whether you’re traveling locally or going abroad on a trip, you can do a couple of things to ensure your back remains in good shape. Here are just a few things to get you started. 

Avoid Heavy Lifting

While traveling, you should ideally avoid any activity that involves heavy lifting or hauling. Lifting heavy stuff strains you, which may result in back pain. If you must lift, you should break down your stuff into smaller movable items. It also pays off to load heavy stuff procedurally to avoid exerting great pressure on the back. For instance, instead of lifting your suitcase into the trunk, hoist it on a stepstool and lift it slowly to the trunk. And if you must lift something really heavy, make sure you get a helping hand at the point of loading and offloading.

Travel Light

Sometimes, you may be tempted to carry as much stuff as you want. Traveling long distances with heavy luggage is certainly a recipe for back pain. That’s not good for your back. Heavy luggage won’t just inconvenience you; it can strain your back muscles and joints and exacerbate back pain. To avoid unnecessary strain, pack and carry only the essentials in a light bag or suitcase. If you want to carry several things, it’s advisable that you pack them in a few smaller bags than one large suitcase. You can also ship out some of your stuff ahead of the trip so that you can have just one bag during your trip.

Check Your Posture

Sitting, driving, or sleeping in awkward positions for extended periods during flights or car rides is a recipe for back pain. Poor posture strains the lower back and exerts pressure on the spine. So, every time you travel, ensure that your back aligns properly with the back of the seat and the headrest supports the middle of the head. Your shoulders should ideally remain straight and not stoop. Both feet should rest firmly on the floor. And if you’re driving, you should adjust the seat and steering wheel accordingly to ensure you attain the best level of comfort.

Carry a Travel Pillow

Cars and airplanes don’t always offer the best level of comfort but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the levels of comfort and back support you want. According to Laser Health Spa, a company that has ample resources for back surgery, make sure that you carry a comfortable travel pillow to help you ease pressure on your back. Travel pillows come in various shapes and sizes and sometimes you’ll find the better than hotel pillows. For better support and comfort, place the pillow at the base of the spine.

Like it or not, traveling for long periods increases the risk of strain and back pain. The last thing you’d want while traveling is to look for back solutions en route to soothe soreness or relieve pressure off your back. Simple measures such as carrying light stuff, a travel pillow, and maintaining a good posture will go a long way in ensuring your back remains in good shape. And if you’re pregnant or you’re experiencing any complications, it’s advisable to consult your doctor before you hit the road.

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