Great Reasons To Visit Dubai

In the past couple of decades, Dubai has become a very popular holiday destination. The reason for this is perhaps the unique mixture of different experiences you can have all from the same place.  If you are looking for a very relaxing type of holiday, Dubai is ideal; whereas if you are looking for an adventure-filled break, Dubai is ideal for this also.  Skydiving, large shopping complexes with designer goods, classy eateries, and pristine beaches – the list of interesting and great things you can do there, is endless.  In the following article, we will look at some of the things you should look out for, especially if you are planning on taking a Dubai City Tour.

World’s Tallest Building

As you may already be aware, Dubai is the home of Burj Khalifa, otherwise known as the World’s tallest building.  It stands 830 meters tall and is open to tourists.  It is wise if you are considering giving this place a visit that you book your tickets ahead of time to save money.  As well as the vistas from the various levels, there is also plenty of interesting things to see and do inside the building itself.


Dubai is full to the brim with various designer boutiques, malls, and shops.  Although it is fair to say it is not the cheapest way to shop, because there are various malls and other shopping complexes with different levels – you will be able to find anything from designer labels to more budget-friendly items.  There is even a Boots and Waitrose if you are missing some home comforts.

The Palm Jumeirah

This particular structure is a magnificent feat of construction and engineering that has to be seen to be fully appreciated and believed.  The Palm Jumeirah consists of 2 separate man-made islands built to form the shape of a palm tree.  When you view it from above in the sky, it is particularly spectacular, giving you a perfect reason or excuse depending on how you see it to skydive over the building.  However, if you don’t find the idea of jumping out of a plane particularly thrilling, the toy can still go to the Marriott hotel and drink a cocktail or two or maybe even four at the popular 57th Floor Observatory Bar.  Construction began in 2001 and the Palm Jumeirah is now the home to various high-class hotels such as the beautiful Kempinski, Rixos, Fairmount, and well-known Atlantis.

Skiing Dubai-Style

Did you know you could ski in Dubai?  Well, you certainly can from the Mall of the Emirates.  The Mall of the Emirates is one of the world’s largest shopping malls and features an 85-meter ski slope indoors.  It can be quite an interesting experience stepping in from an average of 35 degrees outside the building into the -4 degrees snow park.  If you are not particularly interested in skiing, you can try out one of the many other sports and activities there are on offer.

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