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Discover Davao’s Top 5 Foodie Destinations




Hungry for an adventure? Discover the best restaurants in Davao with Park Inn by Radisson Davao‘s list of foodie hotspots. From the bustling stalls of Bangkerohan Market to RGB Bar & Grill’s a-la-carte cuisine, our helpful guide will have you dining like a Davaeño in no time.

Bangkerohan Market


An excellent choice for travellers looking to sample local fare without the fuss, Bangkerohan Market offers everything from fresh produce to authentic prepared meals. Take the opportunity to sample Davao’s well-loved durian straight from the source, or dig into one of the region’s other famed fruits, including mangosteens, pomelos and pineapples. Brought a big appetite? No problem. Whether you’re after a warm bowl of Law-oy (fish and vegetable stew) or a sweet serving of Puto Maya (sticky rice in coconut milk), there are plenty of stallholders at this lively bazaar ready to prepare local specialties right before your eyes.

Jack’s Ridge

Best known for its incredible views of Davao city and beyond, this mountainside restaurant and recreational facility is just as impressive when it comes to cuisine. Spend some time admiring the famous Durian Eater Statue outside the restaurant before digging in to a hand-crafted selection of traditional favourites, from Jack’s Fried Chicken to the heavenly Durian Flan.

RBG Bar & Grill


Image by: madivinereyes, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Located amidst the beautiful setting of Park Inn by Radisson Davao, RBG Bar & Grill offers travellers the perfect fusion of authenticity and indulgence. Newly enhanced to feature more Davao-inspired dishes, the modern cuisine at this popular restaurant combines traditional flavours and fresh local produce to deliver a truly unique dining experience, with favourites like Seafood Sinigang in Mangosteen topping the list of must-try menu items.

Blugre Coffee

A self-described pioneer attempting to bring Davao’s love of durian to the global stage, this quirky coffee shop combines the unique flavours of durian with international classics to entice travellers who may not be familiar with the fruit. Serving up cappuccinos with a hint of durian and a signature durian cheesecake, Blugre Coffee offers an afternoon tea with a difference.

The Sweet Spot


Image by: Takahiro Yamagiwa, licensed under CC BY 2.0

If Blugre’s coffee and cake combo doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, The Sweet Spot has plenty of durian-inspired ice creams to please your palette, from the best-selling ‘Durian Dynamite’ to the adventurous ‘Crocodile Durian’ – made with real crocodile eggs for an extra creamy texture. Best of all, this little ice creamery is conveniently located a stone’s throw from The Davao Crocodile Park[Internal link to Davao Crocodile Park article], making it easy to explore the city’s other top attractions once your foodie tour is through.

Ready to dig in? Plan a Davao food trip at Park Inn by Radisson Davao and discover the city’s best eats one bite at a time.

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