4 Of The Most Unique And Interesting Hotels In The UK

It is important to recharge your batteries.  You work hard most of the year and all that work is for nothing if you can’t enjoy a bit of relaxation in luxurious surroundings.  If you are tired though of the same old hotels with the same old décor and features; you may not realize it but you don’t actually have to travel to Europe, the US, or further afield for a truly unique experience.  In actual fact, as you will see from the following article, the UK is home to some of the most interesting and bizarre hotels and accommodations in the world.  Why not book some time at one of the following the next time you fancy a break from the rat race?

The Penny Lane Hotel in Liverpool

This is a must for all fans of the Fab Four.  The Beatles-inspired hotel is ideally located in Liverpool next to other Beatlemania-related attractions including Strawberry Fields and the museum.  Many of the rooms in the hotel overlook the bus stop where John Lennon and Paul McCartney used to meet in the early days of the band before the screaming fans, constant touring, and international success.

Coombe Abbey Hotel In Coventry

While Coombe Abbey Hotel in the heart of Coventry may look like any old country house hotel; you should keep the advice to not judge books by their covers in mind.  For behind its stately doors lies a hotel that hosts medieval banquets with bed chambers that are decked from floor to ceiling in fine antiques that transport you back in time.  Oh and if that hasn’t sold it enough, the red wine at the banquets is served in goblets!

The Witchery By The Castle In Edinburgh

The building has been renovated recently with 9 unique and over-the-top, but in the best way, suites.   All suites come with a champagne and breakfast hamper and the 16th-century building joins on to a restaurant that has won some of the industry’s top awards.

The Cider Works In Dover

If you are a big fan of cider, then you should really give The Cider Works in Dover a try.  The accommodation is situated right next to the cider shop and restaurant, meaning you are never very far from your favorite tipple.  What more could you want from a break away from your busy life than some nice cider and the rolling Dover countryside?

Chill Out And Have A Little Gamble

Regardless of whatever unique and interesting hotel, you stay in, there will come points in your holiday when you just don’t want to go out and see the sights.  On those relaxing evenings and lazy afternoons, you could use your smartphone, tablet, or even laptop to log on and have a flutter at an online casino.  Although it may lack the atmosphere you can touch, see, feel and hear of a real casino, it is still nonetheless a lot of fun and you never know – you might be lucky!

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