Planning A Luxury Holiday In Barbados

Known throughout the world as home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean islands, Barbados attracts thousands of holidaymakers every year, including the rich and famous. With so much incredible natural beauty, exceptional hotels, and mouth-watering cuisine, if you’re looking for a luxury holiday, there are a few better places to go. Barbados also doesn’t have a hurricane season so when visiting, bear in mind that the months of December through to April tend to have the best weather, but premiums are higher as it is also tourist season, while the month of May is the last of the dry season.

Trust Your Travel Agent

For luxury holidays, it can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming to do all the work yourself from booking individual components of flights, hotels, and dinners. This is doubly true if you are unfamiliar with the area – and it makes no sense to waste money on a type of cuisine or experience you won’t enjoy while on holiday. By trusting a recommended luxury travel agency, you can work with people who call your holiday destination a second home, so are best placed to make sure that you have the holiday of a lifetime.

Choose The Best Beaches

Don’t start your holiday with a disheartening visit to the nearest beach only to find out that it’s not the nicest – Barbados has more than enough to choose from! Sun seekers and picnickers will enjoy an afternoon on the soft white sand of Crane Beach, while children can learn to swim alongside turtles in the sea at Ju Ju’s beach on the west coast. Alternatively, Cattlewash beach is a huge expanse and, due to the lack of vendors and hotels nearby, is perfect for a quiet morning walk with beautiful scenery and stunning sunsets. For aspiring surfers (or spectators), the Soup Bowl at Bathsheba beach has incredible Atlantic waves.

Explore The Island

While the luxury hotels and stunning beaches make Barbados a perfect place for getting some rest and relaxation, don’t neglect all the fantastic activities this lively island has to offer. Festivals, including the Crop Over, Holders Season, Reggae Festival, and Oisten’s Fish Festival occur regularly throughout the year, with lots of delicious food and incredible music on the show. Rum is Barbados’ biggest export, so grab a drink in a Bajan rum shack or spend an afternoon exploring the breathtaking Bridgetown architecture or the natural beauty of the underground Harrison’s Cave.

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