10 Travel Tips to Make You the World’s Savviest Traveler

This beautiful blue marble has many sights that will take a person’s breath away. As a means of having these peak experiences, humans have traveled for centuries to become very intimate with the world around them. Since the earliest days of human travel, there have been tips to make the journey much easier on those brave enough to face the elements- here are just 10 travel ideas to make your trip much easier.

Always Pack Light

To ensure that you are not lugging around a heavy and useless pack, buy a backpack or small suitcase to ensure maximum efficiency. Having a small travel case means only packing the essentials, these include extra underwear, socks, and a copy of your travel documents.

Secure Your Finances

Being stuck due to a missed plane is one thing, but being stuck without any access to your funds is much worse. Have an extra bank card tucked away just in case of a robbery or a simple misplacement of the original cards. Another financial drain is the overt and hidden banking out-of-network fees. Be sure to get cards with no or very low transaction fees.

Know your Bearing

Having a map or GPS is great, but to avoid looking like too much of a tourist, have a smartphone app with a downloadable map that works offline. Here maps offer a great selection of offline maps which can be stored on most devices.

Secure Transportation in Advance

Whether traveling by land, air, or sea, booking transportation well in advance will save many hours of heartbreak as well as dollars. If you plan on using an RV for example, remember to get RV supplies before heading out.

Find good Eating

A great tip is to visit restaurants and other popular stops during lunchtime to maximize their lunchtime specials. On the topic of food, do not be afraid to visit familiar franchises until you have found a good spot or a reasonable supermarket to satisfy that hunger.

Be Prepared

Knowing CPR and having a first aid kit are essential preparation tools should an emergency occur. The general expectation is that nothing will happen right? Well, they are not called accidents for anything.

Take all Shots

With the anti-vaccine movement bringing a healthy debate against vaccines, one may be tempted to avoid getting those shots themselves. Take a lesson from history and remember that many indigenous populations were decimated by diseases as well as human actions. Protect yourself and get those shots.

Walk with Cash

Not all places readily accept credit/ debit cards. Having a small amount of cash will ensure you can still have a great time if cards are not accepted.

Remember to Relax

Delays will occur for any number of reasons, relax and enjoy the ride sometimes.

Track your Spending

To prevent the regret of taking this trip, always take some time at the end of each day to reconcile spending.

With the right planning, you can enjoy the best of the world including a Harry Potter tour in the UK among other great sceneries.

Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco, an electro-mechanical company in Lebanon.

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