Visit These Key U.S. Landmarks

While the U.S. is still a pretty new nation by most standards, it has numerous key landmarks and attractions that draw in countless people from around the globe each year. When trying to decide which places to go see, there are locations each state is known for—however, some are better known than others.

So what are some truly iconic landmarks you should explore? We recommend visiting the following:

    1. The Statue of Liberty (New York City, New York)

Ever since the French gifted the Statue of Liberty in 1875, it almost immediately became a symbol of the American dream for immigrants coming to start a new life in the United States. Today, it remains perhaps the most iconic landmark in the U.S., and it’s open to the public to visit. Visitors take a harbor cruise to arrive at Liberty Island. Once at the statue, you can travel to the top and take in the views of the surrounding city.

    1. Skydeck (Chicago, Illinois)

Chicago is one of the top three largest cities in the U.S. (comes just behind New York City and Los Angeles). So like most metropolises, there are numerous attractions to visit. The city is home to Wrigley Field (home of the Chicago Cubs), Cloud Gate (a bean-shaped statue), Millennium Park, and other places.  But it is the Skydeck that is truly worth seeing.

Skydeck has elevators that take you up to 1600 feet, and there is a glass floor balcony that lets you peer straight down—enough to give anyone a thrill. At the top, visitors can take in views of up to 50 miles, letting you see parts of other states, including Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana. One thing to keep in mind if you travel to Chicago is that Chicago is a city coping with crime, so you have to ensure that you stay in the safer neighborhoods of the city.

    1. Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, California)

San Francisco is the most traveled city in Northern California. Though it’s many driving hours from Southern California’s cities of Los Angeles and San Diego, people travel to San Francisco for a completely different experience. While in the city, it’s hard not to recognize the orange-red bridge that is the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s in movies, it’s on postcards, etc. The bridge itself is two miles long and allows passage through the Golden Gate Straight. On each end of the bridge, people can park and take scenic pictures and take in magnificent views. Hiking and bike trails are also provided.

As you find yourself traveling throughout the U.S., you’ll fall in love with this breathtaking country that draws in so many. Of all the places to view, these three should definitely be at the top of your list; however, you can find other iconic locations as well.

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