Spider-man 2016




The release of Captain America: Civil War highlights a battle between Marvels famed characters Tony Stark (Ironman) and Steve Rogers (Captain America) and many other recognisable Marvel favourites such as Hawkeye and Black Widow. This particular film in the series brings up an unexpected character. The appearance of Spider-Man stirs up the excitement of fans and puts a twist on the film. It seems that with the influx of love for the character, the timing for the PS4 E3 Spider-Man game release is perfect. While the exact date is uncertain, we know to expect it in 2016.

There is even a new Spider-Man movie to accompany the game. Spider-Man: Homecoming even includes Robert Downy Junior’s character Iron Man, which may influence the movies high-tech aspect, thus affecting the game somewhat or gambling online. The anticipated movie is set to be released in 2017 with an all-new Spider-Man, 20-year-old Tom Holland.

A teaser trailer for the game has been released, showing Spider-Man leaping across the building and through windows as we would expect from the young superhero. There is no shortage of explosions and car crashes to give you that superhero action movie feels. The trailer reached over a million views in only 24 hours, showing player eagerness for the new arrival. The game was developed by Insomniac Games which is sure to give a fresh and exciting perspective to the name. The question is, could this marvel movie lead to the release of real money casinos in Australia? Gamers and thrill seekers alike will enjoy the new PS4 E3 Spider-Man.

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