Small Spaces and Faraway Places: Top Travel Tips for Big Families

If you have a large family, traveling can be a little tricky. It’s hard to keep an eye on all the little ones even if you’re only having a day out, but if you taking a longer vacation it can become a real ordeal, particularly when it comes to making sure everyone’s safe.

If you have more than two children, you will quickly find out that most vacation packages, excursions and hotel rooms are designed for families of four. If your family is bigger, it will take a little extra thinking to make your holiday work for everyone. So, you’ve loaded up your Dodge Dart and you’re about to set off for your vacation. Here are some top tips for traveling with a large family.

Book Early

Because most hotels have occupancy rules, often you won’t be able to book online if you try to enter more than four people per room. Call or email their guest services ahead of time and make sure they can provide a roll-away bed for your extra family members. Most hotels are willing to be accommodating if they are able to. Book as early as you can as hotels have a limited number of adjoining rooms. Booking through a travel agent will make your holiday and excursions even easier. Many vacation packages have special deals for larger families. Because a travel agent has insider information, he or she can get you the best prices.

Book Off-Season

Try to avoid going on vacation in the middle of summer. Not only is it more enjoyable to travel off-season when the crowds have gone, but it’s also much cheaper. With an off-peak holiday, you can end up paying just a fifth of the regular price for accommodation. Not to mention the fact that it’s much more peaceful without so many other people around.

How to Pack

Packing for your whole family can be a little overwhelming. Before you begin, make a list for each family member. This will ensure you don’t forget anything important. Hold on to your lists until the suitcases are zipped and you’re ready to go. You can also take them with you to make sure no one leaves anything behind when it’s time to come home. Don’t forget to take plenty of activities to keep the kids busy during a long drive or flight.

Make Your Own Meals

If you’re traveling by land, it’s much cheaper to pack enough food for the duration of your holiday and make your own meals. This is not possible if you’re taking a vacation overseas, but if you find a grocery store or supermarket near your accommodation, you can buy your food there, and it will be much less expensive than dining in restaurants.

Traveling with your large family doesn’t have to be stressful or super expensive. Using these tips, you can make sure everyone has a fun time and you won’t go over budget. Happy holidays!

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