Finding the Right Airport Transfer Option

In this busy day and age it can be a hassle to choose how to get to the airport, here are some pros and cons of airport transfer

Personal Car

This one is the easiest but surprisingly expensive. It can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars a day to store your car and when you come back you are at the mercy of airport shuttles to take you to your beloved car. You also know all your luggage will fit because you already brought it down to the airport. A downside to this is that if your flight is delayed you can be hit with a steeper bill than you were expecting.


Reliable and ubiquitous, taxis are a reliable way to get you to and from the airport. Some companies offer special airport flat rates which can be great for those who live farther away from airports. If there is traffic this is of no concern to you as you are paying a flat rate and can nap or browse your favorite sites on your phone. A con is that they often need to be scheduled in advance lest you wait 40 minutes to be picked up at home and you might be sharing a van with several other fliers so it might not be the quickest way home.

Public Transit

Public transportation is great and in most cities very robust. From trains running every 5-10 minutes to express buses taking you to a park and ride near your home, transportation is definitely the cheapest option on this list. For those traveling light, this is a great method as you can just walk on and off. Some downsides are that unless you already know the system, it can be confusing to get around. Sometimes you might need to transfer from one line to another and you do not know exactly where. Signs for transit can vary from being incredibly helpful to entirely unhelpful and too complicated to understand, an issue if you are traveling in a foreign country. Public transit airport transfers require the most thought and effort into planning.


Companies like Uber and Lyft offer great and reliable ride-sharing experiences. Simply use the app and tell them where you want to go and you can be picked up in minutes. However, ridesharing to an airport might not be strictly legal so you might need to walk a block or two away from the airport to be picked up. Ridesharing offers the same benefits as taking a taxi with the potential for cost savings. A downside is that you are at the mercy of the community. Some places have more drivers and the wait could be 5 minutes while others might only have a few drivers in the entire region and the wait could be over an hour.

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