My Experience in THotel, Great Hotel in Sardinia

I often travel to Italy for business purposes. At least once per month, I have to fly from Scotland to Rome or Milan and work there for a couple of days.

This year the corporation for which I work decided to organize a business trip in a period considered the whole peninsula’s high season, august. Due to a longer stay than usual in Rome, I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend from Friday to Monday out of the city.

For my destination I chose Sardinia. The choice fell on T-Hotel in Cagliari, one of the best hotels in Sardinia, since I got impressed by the very positive feedback released by the other guests.

The beginning

In the beginning, I thought this is more a place for couples or small families but I have to say that my trust in this structure has been totally accomplished. I had what I came for: relaxation, great food, and smart service.

The T-Hotel arranged for me a transfer from the Sardinian airport, and fast checked-in I have been described all the services available: the SPA, the restaurant, info on room service, sight side, and details about the urban area. Everything has been explained fast, with efficiency, and in a not formal tone.

If there is someone who got the essence of what really does mean to run a Smart hotel this must be the THotel management: all the reception staff has been perfectly trained and all of them have always a smile on their face. This is a wonderful attitude because it’s really good to see people working here with such a teamwork disposition and the efforts they do to let them enjoy themselves as much as possible for their customers.

Walk or relax?

I had walked around the city center but honestly what I have been more focused on in my three days were the SPA and the restaurant. In this specific case, I’ve tried both à la carte menù and “degustazione”: I appreciated both of them, still I really thank the very nice chef which always directed me on a good choice, in order for me to taste the real Sardinian food, with a “plus” touch of very interesting variations. Italian kitchen doesn’t have to be just traditions, and here they got the spirit of it.

Guided Tour

Saturday morning I decided to ask for a guided tour and, thank the young guy working at the front desk, the van picked me up and I’ve been brought through the most interesting Sardinian place in a 50 km range from Cagliari, after all, I was in vacation and I didn’t want to rush and neither to go far away.

I asked to the driver to bring me back a little in advance and he promptly said yes! Was in fact a very hot day and I really needed a shower and a fast swim before having dinner.

The return and conclusions

On Sunday I spent a wonderful time at the bar after my dinner and I rebooked my transfer to the airport. Surprisingly I had also a small discount on my return lift to the airport! Was really a pleasant and relaxing experience. I will definitely rate and quote this hotel to my company in case of any meeting (hopefully will be any soon) to the island because the T-Hotel has indeed also a very well-furnished congress space.

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