Couple’s Corner: Celebrating the Right Way in Mont Tremblant

Situated in the picturesque mountains of Quebec, Mont Tremblant is a romantic destination that’s perfect for enjoying a honeymoon, anniversary or a memorable getaway with your partner. Whether you choose to hit the slopes or get cozy in a charming lodge, you’ll find that Mont Tremblant promises couples a dazzling good time. When planning your romantic Mont Tremblant trip, be sure to keep the following ideas in mind.

Cozy Accommodations

Mont Tremblant is home to one of Canada’s most renowned ski resorts, the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort; so it’s no surprise that there is a wide array of accommodations in the area. Honeymooning couples might want to consider one of the city’s luxury lodges. Other couples might decide to spend their getaway in a unique 4-season treehouse rental featuring stunning views or at a convenient hotel that’s close to the restaurants and shops. Mont Tremblant has rentals to suit most budgets, but be sure to book in advance to secure the venue of your choice.

Outdoor Sporting Fun

Many couples head to Mont Tremblant to enjoy world-class skiing. You can enjoy some exhilarating days out on the slopes during the winter ski season. During late spring and summer, you might take horseback rides on the area trails. Other popular outdoor activities include snowmobiling, ice skating, and tennis.


Panoramic gondola rides and eco-treks are popular pursuits in Mont Tremblant. You can hitch a fabulous ride to the summit of Mont Tremblant while delighting in the unrivaled views. Zip-lining continues to increase in popularity among visitors to the area. If you and your partner don’t mind heights, this is definitely an activity to keep in mind.

Spas and Massage Treatments

If you are celebrating an anniversary, you should consider side-by-side massages before heading out for an evening of fun. The spas of Mont Tremblant are renowned for their soothing health and beauty treatments. If you are enjoying a luxurious getaway, be sure to include some downtime for some pampering. You’ll love how rejuvenated you’ll feel when you leave the spa.

Candlelit Dinner

Mont Tremblant is home to some extraordinary restaurants and bistros. You can wind down after a long day over a lakeside candlelit dinner. If you are searching for some of Mont Tremblant’s most beloved eateries, consider making dinner reservations at Aux Truffes, La Petite Cachee, La Savoie, or Auberge Sauvignon. There are also many charming cafes where you and your loved one can enjoy delightful breakfasts and lunches.

Enjoy a Sleigh Ride

The landscapes of Mont Tremblant are breathtaking. If you love the outdoors even in cool weather, consider taking a romantic sleigh ride around town and along the outskirts of the lake. You can reserve a private sleigh ride, which makes a lovely culmination to a night on the town.

The scenery of Mont Tremblant is just another reason why so many couples choose this location for their romantic holiday. No matter what season you visit, you’re sure to find plenty of memorable things to see and do.

Victor Putman works in travel and is a Mont Tremblant regular. He enjoys sharing his travel tips and insights online and is a regular contributor for several travel-related websites.

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