A hotel website: online tips to entice potential guests

A hotel website is essential to compete in the competitive hospitality industry. Here are some tips to help bring guests to your hotel.

Video tours

With so many inexpensive video cameras available now, it is easy to create a video tour of guest rooms and other areas of your hotel. This means your guests will know what to expect from your rooms, and it can make for a much more pleasant experience for guests and your employees. Videos can help develop a feeling of trust that can lead to more bookings.

Social media can bring guests to you

Hotels can benefit greatly from a Facebook page and Twitter account. Advertisements and other messages can be re-shared or “liked” by others. This can increase the exposure of your business with little effort. You can also post photos of fun events and other details to show others what your hotel has to offer. Social media can be used to lure potential guests to your main company website.

Online only and club specials

We all know that doing business online is quick and convenient. You can encourage the use of your website by offering exclusive specials when guests book this way or sign up for your email newsletter. For example, you might have a 10% off weekly rate special or a complimentary meal. Chain hotels may consider special groups or clubs for guests that stay frequently.

Package deals

People need to get away and de-stress sometimes. Special getaway packages for couples can entice guests to book. Sometimes it is the little things that count. On your website, you can have a tab that lists specials. A romantic getaway package could include lodging, a meal, flowers, chocolate, wine, etc. This might mean teaming up with another business such as a local florist, chocolatier, or wine shop.

Stay up to date on technology and industry news

Although you might have a charming historic hotel, you want to make sure that your business stays up to date on marketing and technology. The latest tech news can be found on websites and blogs such as Rev2. Knowing what is available to help your business succeed can save you time and money while ensuring that you develop strong customer relationships and loyalty.

Create a hotel blog

Almost all businesses have a blog in today’s business world. A weekly blog gives you the chance to connect with your guests and potential guests on another level. This is where you can really throw ideas out there. Informative and innovative blog posts are key. If your blog sounds like a long-winded sales pitch, then you won’t get the readership you might expect.

Get listed on leading travel sites

Travel sites such as TripAdvisor can help send potential guests to your website and assist with booking. TripAdvisor allows guests to review your hotel after their stay. These reviews are read by many people before booking their travel. A lot of good reviews can increase your rankings. Travel sites provide valuable exposure that you simply would not get otherwise. 

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