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Winter Activities in Armenia


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In Armenia, the hospitable country of the South Caucasus, any season is beautiful in its own way. Summer is sunny and hot; autumn is beautiful with its colors and the warm and gentle sun rays. In winter, many regions of the country are covered with white fluffy snow, which silvers under the sun and the favorable weather and mountainous landscapes make Armenia the perfect destination for active winter holidays. So, you are planning your winter holidays and want to try something extremly new,  Arara Tour offers you some detailed information about winter activities in Armenia:

Winter jeeping

Jeeping in Armenia

The mountainous country is so beautiful in the winter. The forests and mountains are covered with snow, and traveling on such roads turns into an imaginary adventure. To see all the beauty of Armenian mountains and forests you can take part in winter jeeping on mountain roads.  Such tours are very popular in Armenia. It is possible to participate both with your own car and rent a SUV in Yerevan and spend unforgettable days riding on the roads of Armenia.


Aragats Mount climbing

The mountains in Armenia are covered with snow all year around, so you can organize winter holiday even in summer. Winter mountaineering is not for beginners, so if you have decided to test your strength in mountaineering, Armenia and mountains are waiting for you.


Tsakhkadzor skiing

Skiing is one of the most popular winter activities in Armenia. Mountain resort Tsaghkadzor is definitely the most popular place for winter holidays. It seems that the slopes of the mount Teghenis are just designed for snowboarding and skiing. The height of the uppermost point for skiing is 2819 m. There is a beautiful view of Mount Ararat seen from the highest point.

A modern ropeway in Tsakhkadzor is divided into 3 sections, just like the slopes of the mountain. The slopes vary in degree of difficulty. For beginners, there is a service of professional trainers’ assistance and rental of equipment for skiing.

In Tsakhkadzor the season starts from December and lasts till March.

Skating-rink in Yerevan

In winter, a beautiful small lake called the “Swan Lake” in the center of Yerevan becomes the most favorite place for children and adults. Artificially frozen lake and it is transformed into a skating rink. The skating rink is decorated with small houses, illuminated and transformed into a little fairy tale. At the rink, you can rent or bring your skates with you. There always plays cheerful festive music. The skating rink opens on December 1st, and continues to work until the last frosts.

Yerevan has one more indoor ice rink for professionals. Rink is located in the sports complex in Tsitsernakaberd Park. There is a professional coach figure skating school in rink operating.

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