Why Seychelles is an upcoming luxury holiday destination

This archipelago of islands nestles in the Indian Ocean to the east of the coast of Africa and northwest of Madagascar. If you’re looking for a glorious holiday destination then Seychelles is just what you are seeking. Not only does it have a dreamlike setting with beautiful sandy beaches lapped by the ocean’s azure waters, but it is also a superb destination for anyone who wants to do much more than just lie in the sun.

With plenty of high and low-energy activities to add to the mix of peacefulness, comfort, and delicious food and drink – don’t forget to check out the cocktails when you visit ­– Seychelles is a popular destination for honeymooners, couples on a romantic break and those who just want to have some fun in the sea.

A little history

Seychelles was originally settled around 1770 by the French, but only some 45 years later it was given to Britain following the end of the Napoleonic Wars, which had culminated in the defeat of Napoleon in 1815. It took some time for the group of islands to discover their true place in the world, after many years of struggle as various factions fought for control and agricultural land, which had been exhausted by poor management.

More than 200 years after the first settlement Seychelles became independent and worked to move on to a different type of economy – tourism.

A word on the climate

If you want warmth then that’s what Seychelles will give you. It’s not extreme and varies between 24°C and 32°C, though as with anywhere things can change occasionally. Rain can be expected from time to time and the hottest months are from December to April.

Tourism development

Seychelles has worked hard to attract investment to its tourism business and has pulled in many investors to support its work. If you check out Mukesh Valabhji’s blog you’ll get an idea of how investment can be drawn to the islands. He is a Seychellois entrepreneur and has a number of business interests in telecommunications and media as well as hospitality, resorts, trading, and commercial retail property.

Today you can enjoy luxury resorts and accommodation in Seychelles and visit stunning places such as the Vallée de Mai, a World Heritage-listed site on the island of Praslin where rare coco de mer palms grow; the only place apart from the nearby Curieuse Island where you can see them.

More work is underway to provide top-quality resorts for both relaxation and energetic water sports in anticipation of a long-term future.

On the water

You can take advantage of a huge range of sports on the water or just some peaceful cruising to explore the undersea world. Go diving, take a boat charter and take in some fishing; or find motorized water sports so you can challenge yourself on the sea.

Whatever you decide to do, Seychelles is the perfect place to recharge batteries as well as enjoy many gentle or energetic activities before relaxing over excellent food and some delicious drinks.

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