Ways To Remove Smoke Smell From A Room

The effects of smoke go beyond just affecting the respiratory system of a victim. Besides, the smoke has the tendency of sticking onto things such as clothes and curtains which makes its effects stay for longer than expected. The worst part is when you have friends over and the first thing they smell is smoke. This can be embarrassing. To eliminate such undesirable situations, you can consider an air scrubber or a HEPA air filter as a method of dealing with the smoke smell. There are other many ways available for removing smoke from a room.

Using Vinegar

The smell of smoke is caused by resin and tar that are left behind after smoking. Vinegar has an acidity that has the ability to cut through smoke particles, hence removing the smell. You can use this on surfaces that are non-fabric, and a few that are fabric. The only setback is that vinegar does not smell all that good, but at least the smell will eventually go away as opposed to the smell of smoke. You can opt to use HEPA air filters.

Using A HEPA Air Filter

The use of a HEPA air filter is another way of removing the smell of smoke from your house without much struggle. These filters are designed to absorb smoke particles in the air by forcing them through a filter. This helps remove the smoke particles from the air leaving your room smoke-free. HEPA filters can remove at least 99 percent of bad odor from your room, which negates the need for chemicals to do the same.

Using An Air Scrubber Can Be Your Best Option

Using an Air Scrubber can reduce the workload associated with the removal of the smell of smoke. It is as easy as switching a button. Instead of filling your house, hotel, or building with strong chemicals as you try to deal with the bad smell, use an air scrubber to clean the air.

Chemicals offer a good option for smoke removal since they are cheap. But using equipment such as HEPA air filters will give you better results. Don’t let smoke cause discomfort and allergy to your family, use an air scrubber to do away with it. These tips were brought to you by AerIndustries.com, your best source for an air movers, scrubbers, and dehumidifiers for commercial use.

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