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Tips to Scoring Great 5-Star Hotel Deals in Jakarta


Accommodation is a critical part of your travel escapades. One thing that can be disappointing is realizing that your colleagues have scored cheaper rates in the same hotel. Traveling is not cheap and you could easily spend more than you had budgeted for. Let’s discuss some tips to help you save money on accommodation in Jakarta. You can use the money to engage in a more interesting and memorable activity. 

Often, travelers travel to Jakarta for one reason. To explore the beautiful islands and some of the best 5-star hotels in Jakarta Indonesia situated alongside scenic beaches. Some travelers leverage travel websites to land great deals in luxury hotels. However, these are not only rare, but they also don’t appeal to every traveler.

Another section of travelers believes that you have to know someone in the industry to land good hotel deals. There are hassle-free ways of getting better deals on luxury hotels in Jakarta Indonesia. They include:

Browse through Flash Sale Websites

Technology in Jakarta Indonesia has been evolving exponentially recently. You can easily find numerous standard travel websites in the city. However, you will want to research more extensively to get sites that specialize in hotel flash sales. Some of these sites will give you a free membership.

All you will need is to join and get discounted deals on 5-star hotels in Jakarta Indonesia. Read the reviews from previous users to establish whether the site is authentic or not. Some websites offer exciting deals for last-minute hotel bookings while others offer random deals. You’ll need to be on the lookout if you want to grab any of these deals. 

Evaluate all the Cost of Your Stay

Many travelers prefer calculating the overall cost of staying in a luxury hotel in Jakarta. However, experts opine that evaluating the daily rates can help you make huge savings. Often, hotels charge their customers depending on the average rate per night.

This doesn’t always happen and can become complicated if you’re booked in a popular room that many guests prefer. In such a case, the rate may fluctuate often depending on the demand. Always do your calculations to avoid getting overcharged. Assuming you want to spend one more night in your Jakarta luxury hotel, the first thing to do is call the front desk.

However, don’t just accept the rate blindly. You don’t want to spend more unknowingly especially during weekends when hotel rates in Jakarta are usually high. You can opt to check online to establish whether your extra night falls on a low or high rate night. Assuming the extra night falls on a high peak day, you may want to negotiate the rate downwards. 

Practice Diversity in Your Search

Many travelers only swear by one or two search engines. As the hotel industry evolves, it’s worth mentioning that there are numerous search engines you may want to try. Rather than clinging on one search option, try diversifying. In the end, you could end up getting better deals than you would have imagined. Some sites will even give you refunds when room rates drop. 

Call the Hotel

The world is fast becoming an online village. Today, many people prefer making their inquiries and bookings online with minimal direct interaction. Do you, however, know that speaking to a representative from hotels in Jakarta can give you better results?

You can still browse the internet in search of deals. Once you have found something you love, however, call the hotel directly. Where possible, ask them to lower the rates further. There is no guarantee that this strategy will work though it might work. 


Traveling can be fun and exciting. However, not everyone can afford to travel and stay in high-end hotels in Jakarta. There are numerous ways of getting cheap 5-star hotels in Jakarta Indonesia. These tips will come in handy to help you stay in your dream luxury hotel at a cheaper cost. 

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