Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Wedding Venue

If you have recently got engaged, one of the first things that will undoubtedly be on your mind is where you are going to get married.  While it may be the case that you already have a venue decided; if you don’t, it may feel like quite a daunting and intimidating task to take on.  To help take a lot of the stress out of the process we have put together a list of tips below that will help you find the perfect wedding venue.

Communication With Your Partner Is Essential

It is important that you sit down and have a good chat with your partner to talk about the kind of wedding you both would like and you need to be prepared to make some compromises.  You could have completely different ideas and addressing them at the beginning and coming to some kind of agreement over things, can help avoid unnecessary tension and arguments later.

Will It Be A Church Wedding?

Do you have your heart set on a church ceremony or are you looking to have a civil ceremony?  Once you have worked out the kind of ceremony you would like to have, it will help you pinpoint the kind of venues you should be looking at.

Consider Your Guests In Your Decisions

Although it is you and your other half’s big day, your guests obviously play a big part in witnessing and helping to celebrate the occasion.  You, therefore, need to consider your guests when deciding where you are going to have your wedding.  To keep the costs low, if you have a tight budget, find a venue that is close to the majority of your guests are located.

Calculate A Budget

Figuring out a budget for your wedding as early on in the process as possible can help make the process of finding a venue that little bit easier.  You will be able to make a tighter, smaller shortlist if you know the amount of money you have to spend on hiring a venue.  It is also crucial that you factor in the catering and alcohol for your wedding as this normally takes up a huge percentage of the budget.

How Many People Are Coming?

Before you begin really looking at venues it is a good idea to have a rough estimate of how many guests you would like at your wedding.  That way you can avoid the disappointment of finding a venue that you fall in love with first, only to find out it is not suitable for your guest list.

Do You Have A Wedding Date In Mind?

If you have a wedding date in mind, it is best to check the availability of that date before you visit venues, to avoid disappointment by falling in love with a venue only to find out it isn’t available.  If your wedding date is flexible though, you will find that you have a greater number of venues to choose from.

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