Six Ways to Make Your Wedding Perfect

To plan the perfect wedding, try to make it special. That means thinking outside the box. You can create an idyllic event by also planning the following honeymoon. You really do want to ensure that your wedding will turn out as well as you envisioned it.

#1 – Make Sure You Fulfill Your Dream Wedding, Not Someone Else’s Ideal

Your wedding won’t go perfectly if you don’t base it on your own idea. Don’t try to please your parents or siblings. Make sure that your wedding is based on what you and your better half personally want.

#2 – Take Photos before the Wedding

Because your photos are keepsakes, make sure they convey your features and outfits in the best possible light. Once you have completed your hair and makeup, have your bridesmaids snap some shots. If you decide your eye makeup is not right, you can catch it before a professional photographer does.

#3 – Make Sure You and the Officiant Are on the Same Page

Whether you are having your ceremony officiated by a rabbi, priest, minister, or justice of the peace, make sure you are both on the same page. Know what is going to be said before it is said. Sometimes an officiant starts down the wrong track and utters some anecdote that doesn’t apply to your relationship at all. Plan ahead and discuss this with the officiant, so you can relax during the ceremony itself.

#4 – Make Sure You Have All Your Honeymoon Plans in Order

You can make your wedding even more perfect by considering some of the more exotic honeymoon destinations for a romantic getaway. For example, you might consider going on a safari in Africa or taking a tour of Thailand and relaxing on white sand beaches.

#5 – Maintain Your Weight After You Buy Your Wedding Dress

Most bridal retailers suggest you purchase a dress about six months before your wedding date. That’s because it takes time to deliver the gown and complete the fittings. However, most fittings begin about a month before the planned wedding date. Therefore, make sure your body does not change drastically after you purchase your dress. If you follow this advice, you will be happy with yourself at your wedding.

#6 – Don’t Invite Certain Guests (if it can be helped)

You aren’t required to invite that one obnoxious relative you haven’t seen in years or send an invitation to the annoying guy you were dating before you met your husband-to-be. You don’t want to hurt feelings unnecessarily, but it’s often better to keep the invite list shorter so you can be confident that you’ll have a perfect and happy wedding day.

One More Closing Note

This is the one special day when you don’t want to get intoxicated and perhaps even make a fool of yourself. Seriously observe moderation at the reception, and you can then be filled with confidence at the wedding itself.

In summary, you can never expect absolute perfection, but very little or nothing will go wrong if you follow the above suggestions.

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