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Popular Alternatives to Hotels


Hotels were once the first option when families were looking to go on holiday, as well as being the number one choice for those visiting a different destination on a business trip. However, there has recently been an alarming increase in the amount of alternative accommodation available to those going on holiday. This has led to individuals looking at other forms of accommodation instead of hotels.

Read on to find out why alternatives have started to gain in popularity.


Although a 5-star hotel may be glamorous and luxuries such as a spa, swimming pool and gym may come within the cost of the room, hotels are often much more expensive than their alternative counterparts. For instance, while a hostel may be around €10 a night in Western Europe, and even the equivalent of £1 in some countries in Asia, hotels in London have an average daily rate of £172 per night.

This makes hotels much more inaccessible to large families, student travellers and backpackers, who are looking to reduce the costs of their travel or focus their expenditure on other costs, such as attractions and entertainment.

Comfort and Ease

While the luxuries of hotels can be tempting, many families are now looking for more relaxed accommodation options where they can create a home-from-home atmosphere and go at their own pace. This has led to an increase in the number of people looking for self-catered accommodation. RVs, such as those provided by Cruise America, are one of the most popular options for groups of people looking to go on a comfortable holiday, and these are especially good for road trips. They allow you to move around easily without the nuisance of having to pack your bags or find alternative hotels in each destination.

Close to Nature

Not only this, but our modern lives often prevent us from being able to spend a lot of time within the natural world. This can make the allure of nature stronger than the attraction of a spa or a comfortable bed. This means that options such as camping have always stayed popular. The increase in glamping has also detracted from the number of people opting for hotels as this has given people the opportunity to combine both luxury and nature.

Unique Experiences

Alternative accommodation is growing nearly twice as quickly as the hotel industry. Now that families have more disposable money to spend on holidays and luxuries, people are looking for more unique experiences through which they can create memorable holidays. Many people decide to opt for accommodation such as farms, Airbnb properties, and campgrounds in order to enjoy a more unusual experience.


Additionally, socialising on holiday is especially important for backpackers and groups of friends looking to find travel buddies and meet a wide range of people. Hotels are not always the best format of accommodation to do this. Instead, many hostels and campgrounds set up a number of exciting social events that allow people to mingle with others from different backgrounds.

Connection with Cultures

Lastly, even if your hotel is themed, there is little chance for a connection with the culture of the country which you are visiting if you are trapped within a hotel room. This has made more people opt to stay within the culture that they want to experience, choosing homestays or living on campgrounds to immerse themselves in the life of the residents, including the food and cultural traditions.

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