Luxury Holidaying On Antigua

Since the 17th Century, Antigua has enjoyed a rich history. The former sugar colony is now best known for its stunning beaches and for its love of cricket, with some of the masters of the game including Viv Richards coming from this remote and tiny Caribbean island.

Although it is smaller than the Isle of Wight in size, it certainly doesn’t lack in stature, and as well as being very popular for beach weddings and with honeymooning couples, it is also a popular winter holiday home retreat for the rich and famous. Every one of the island’s beaches is open to tourists, while the capital, St John’s, is relatively modest but still attracts hundreds of thousands of cruise visitors every year.

Like the capital, the whole island is quaint and nostalgic; the island’s museum gives pride of place to Viv Richard’s cricket bat and costs a little more than £1 to visit. You will also find regular cricket matches, ancient sugar mills, and stone towers, and the locals claim that there is a beach for every single day of the year so you are virtually guaranteed to find one that appeals to you and the rest of your party.

The beaches and seas are the obvious main attraction when visiting Antigua. Locals claim that there are 365 beaches on the two islands of Antigua and the smaller Barbuda. Although this is only an estimate, it is easy to see how the figure has been reached when you visit. Even though the island is a popular tourist destination, it is still possible at any time of year to find secluded and even deserted beaches when booking through Tropical Sky.

Diving is also a popular pastime, and there are many patches of coral reefs around the two islands, as well as Guadeloupe, which is an even smaller island to the South of Antigua. Other typical beachside and coastal activities can also be found.

Antigua has two 18-hole golf courses, miles of tracks that are ideal for hiking and cycling, and many spots to look for the local wildlife, which is primarily made up of coastal birds. The Caribbean’s largest bird sanctuary is accessible by boat on Barbuda. Other activities include Seafaris, helicopter excursions, speed boat rental, and excursions to private and remote islands like Prickly Pear Island if you want to enjoy an even greater level of seclusion.

Antigua is beautiful, quaint, and friendly, and offers seclusion and privacy that can be difficult to find in other beach and seaside destinations. While the island primarily relies on tourism to support its economy, it has not become overdeveloped and it is still possible to find extremely private spots.

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