Fun on the Links: Planning Pointers for the Perfect Family Golf Vacation

One of the best things about being a golfer is that the sport gives players so many opportunities to explore the world. Whether you are exploring the castles of Ireland, roaming through the German countryside and checking out the famous Black Forest, or just enjoying the warmth and abundant sunshine of Florida, chances are there is a great golf course nearby.

A Great Game for the Whole Family

If you want to enjoy a great golf vacation with the whole family, you have just as many choices. Even if the rest of the family is not as enamored of the sport as you are, there are plenty of ways to keep everyone entertained and engaged while you spend time on the links.

That is the great thing about golf. Whether your goal is to work on your handicap, improve your swing or just have fun, the sport has plenty of great things to offer. As you get ready for your family golf vacation, you will need to consider a few key points and think about other things the non-golfers in the family might enjoy while you work on your game. Look out for companies like Whistler Premier that offer family packages for golf vacations.

Everyone Loves Mini Golf

If your spouse or kids have never played golf before, they may be intimidated by the wide open spaces and long distances of a traditional golf course. First-time golfers may feel embarrassed playing with people who have enjoyed the game for years and had plenty of time to hone their skills. Kids may get bored with the slow pace of play or the amount of walking involved.

Luckily, there is another kind of golf that even the youngest and most experienced members of the family can enjoy. Staying at a resort that offers both traditional play and mini golf is the perfect way to enjoy a great family golf vacation.

Mini golf is the perfect way to introduce your family to the sport you love so much. The kids can get a feel for the clubs and how to hit the ball, and your spouse can enjoy some time bonding with you over your favorite leisure activity.

A round of miniature golf is also the perfect way to build confidence in people who have never played the game before. The holes may be closer together and the water hazards smaller, but the basic concept is still the same. After a successful round of mini-golf, many first-time players are ready to hit the links and play the grown-up game.

Bring Your Comfortable Clothes

No matter what kind of golf you plan to play on your family vacation or how many rounds you hope to get in, you will want to pack your most comfortable and lightweight clothes. Packing smart is vital if you will be playing in a tropical climate, but comfort is king no matter where you plan to vacation.

You will also want to bring a variety of different clothes, including lightweight rain gear. You never know when a sudden storm will interrupt play, and you will want to protect yourself out there on the greens. Once you are properly equipped and all packed, you can get ready to enjoy the family golf vacation of a lifetime.

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