Fantastic Things You Can do in Pattaya with Your GoPro

Pattaya is often seen as synonymous with a typical resort vacation: great beaches, cocktails by the pool, and, ultimately, relaxation. Nevertheless, Pattaya has much more to offer travelers who wish to have a fun and memorable vacation. Having a video of a wonderful vacation, that includes many outdoor excursions, can easily be done on a GoPro, and Pattaya has a multitude of fantastic outdoor activities for travelers to record. For travelers who crave having a video log of their adventures, Pattaya is one of the best destinations to use a GoPro.

Plan Each Excursion

Whenever planning a fun-filled outdoor vacation it is important for travelers to research where they want to go and where would be the best places to use their GoPro. Checking ahead at any tour or outdoor activity, to make sure it is alright, and safe, for travelers to use their GoPro, helps to avoid any hassle or disappointment. Secondly, it is important for travelers to have a great, central hotel to return to after a long day of activity and memory-making. As a final point, travelers should assemble a list of all the activities they would like to participate in while in Pattaya, and most of all, have fun on all their adventures.

Dirt Biking

With many people already familiar with motorcycles, dirt biking has quickly collected an enthusiastic following in Thailand. In Pattaya, Enduro Madness offers the best opportunity for people to test themselves on a motocross dirt bike circuit. The course takes travelers over rough and wild terrain and gives travelers a great thrill. This type of activity is perfect for using a GoPro to record this amazing experience. Enduro Madness also offers a full 12-day tour, and a variety of training options for all levels of skill on a motocross bike, making sure that there is something for every traveler looking for a new thrill and recording their adventure.

All-Terrain Vehicles ATV

For travelers who are not comfortable on motorbikes, but want the same thrill, ATV tours are the next best thing, and another great activity to use their. ATV Jungle Adventures is one of the best, and most well-known, tours in Pattaya that offer this unique off-roading ATV experience.  Perfect for anyone who needs more than two wheels under them while navigating rough terrain, crossing rivers, and tearing up hills, ATVs have grown in popularity. ATV Jungle Adventures offers travelers an assortment of courses to choose from and either a one-and-a-half-hour or three-hour, tour. The courses offer a great variety of terrain, including a simulated desert environment, a water obstacle course, hill climbing, and a jungle run. All in all, this activity is perfect for travelers to record their great off-roading experiences using their GoPro.


Pattaya is a beach resort town, so travelers will be drawn to the beach for some of the amazing watersports available. Kitesurfing is another amazing way for travelers to record a one-of-a-kind experience on their GoPro’s during their vacation. The Extreme Sports Cafe is a great company that is dedicated to kitesurfing and windsurfing. They maintain an impressive inventory of high-quality equipment and have a variety of courses to cater to all levels of this incredible activity. For beginners, the Café offers a starting course to enable travelers the chance to experience this enthralling sport, and travelers can take their GoPro with them to record their experience to show all their family and friends after the vacation is over.

When seeking an outdoor adventure, Pattaya is the perfect place for travelers to visit. With so many activities to choose from, there is something for every skill and activity level. When staying in Pattaya travelers should consider staying at the Holiday Inn Pattaya hotel, for its great service and central location, but most importantly to enjoy their vacation in this wonderful resort town.

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