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A Family Trip to Wawel Castle with a Krakow Guide




Krakow Sightseeing with little visitors is governed by a different set of rules. Kids often have a short attention span, get tired easily and bored quickly. However, if you can get and hold their attention and entertain them, they are among the most interested and engaged audience that any guide can have. Taking the kids of Wawel Castle can be a fun-filled day for everyone. Here’s how to do it the right way.

The best places for kids at Wawel for Krakow sightseeing

Planning any trip for small tourists means taking their age and interests into consideration.

Previous travel experience helps but we know that kids are often interested in the details of everyday life. Things like ornate medieval costumes and weapons make a big impression on them and remind them of fairty tales and legends. Taking kids to the Wawel Cathedral is a chance to see the medieval graves of many of Poland’s kings, buried in their ornate clothes along with their…animals! Not all children are interested in history but they could be intrigued by the history of twelve-year-old Jadwiga, who became king of Poland!


Kids love the entrance to the castle tower and its staircase as well as being able to touch Sigismund’s Bell. A great view of the city awaits anyone who makes it up the tower as well.

So what about inside the castle? Both paths through the royal residence – the Royal Chambers and the Royal Apartments – are rather long and might tire some small explorers so much depends on parents and the Krakow guide. Of the two paths, we recommend seeing the Royal Chambers, where amazing beds, rich interiors and stunning furniture make a huge impression. It’s a great opportunity to paint a mental picture of how kings and queens really lived.

Remember that Leonardi da Vinci’s famous painting “Lady With Ermine” is housed at Wawel Castle until the renovations of the Czartoryski Museum are complete. Kids are amused by the work of the Italian master too, especially the playful ermine.

If you have someone in your family who is fascinated by the world of knights and battles, take a look at at the treasury and armory in Wawel and get a good look at some famous swords while you’re there.

A visit to Wawel is a great chance to hear the legend of the dragon of Wawel Hill and feel his fiery breath! You can even explore his cave for a very small entrance fee. You won’t believe the impression it makes on little knights! Remember that the cave is not accessible in the winter months but the Wawel Dragon breathes fire all year round.


Krakow Guide – Some practical tips

There are huge parts of the Wawel Castle complex that do not require tickets or admission fees. These are wide open areas that are great for a walk or letting kids expend some energy. The Information Office near a place for changing babies and you can leave your bags just inside the Bernardine Gate. There are restaurants and cafes throughout.

The ticket office for various ticketed attractions is just inside the main gate and you won’t miss it.

Krakow sightseeing with kids is so much easier with the help of a professional Krakow guide with experience in hosting younger visitors. You can find interesting suggestions for Krakow tours for kids at Wawel is just the beginning of your adventures in Krakow!

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