Day Trip to Nottingham

5 things that make a day trip great

Nottingham is notable for being the center of the Robin Hood legend and as such those having a day trip to Nottingham should expect to see a lot of tourist attractions attributed to the story. However, Nottingham is a bit more than the evil sheriff and the merry men. True, you can find tours and attractions that cater to any of the many characters in the stories, but for those of you who want to go a bit beyond the stereotypical, there are many options. There are several attractions worth seeing on your day trip to Nottingham. Here are 5.

Number One: Nottingham Castle

The Castle at Nottingham was built by William the Conquer (also known as William I ). The castle became famous later when Henry II fortified the building in stone and allowed his sons Richard and John to squabble over it.  As a Castle Gatehouse, the construction is rather impressive. Battlement walkways, archer’s towers, slit holes, and of course, the massive bridge, have made this castle a desire of both kings and tourists since it was constructed.

Although the fighting between these two brothers has set the stage for much of the attraction, others may wish to see the castle for its ties to Edward II or Richard IV. You may want to go a bit from the traditional tour as well. There are several specialized tours available. Regardless of which Royal figure you wish to associate with the Castle, it should be considered for your day trip.

Number Two: Nottingham Playhouse

The playhouse of Nottingham offers a variety of plays, musical performances, and various art exhibits throughout the year. The playhouse was founded in 1948 and so it does not have that historical draw that some attractions in Nottingham pose.  Events change constantly and so you are encouraged to find a performance that meets your taste. Seating is an amphitheater in style and pricing is based upon such.

As the Nottingham Playhouse is a live performance, those who will enjoy the attraction the most are couples, art goers, and artists. Keep in mind that many of the performances are later in the evening, so a day trip needs to take such into account.

Number Three: Tigguo Cobauc

Tigguo Cobauc is called the City of Caves for a reason. The massive amount of tunnels makes for quite an extensive day of walking. The caves are navigated by a guided tour (as you could literally get yourself permanently lost if trying to navigate them yourself). There are over 500 caves that have been cataloged but many more which remain to be fully explored.

Some of the top attractions within the City of caves include

  • The medieval Tannery
  • The Drury Hill Slums
  • The Air-Raid Shelter

Also of note, the tunnels have been rumored to be the access point of Royalty to their palace in Nottingham in times of turmoil. It is believed that Richard IV used such tunnels on his return from Jerusalem.  It can be concluded that as more caves are cataloged more tours will become available to the public.

Number Four: Wollaton Hall and Park

Wollaton Hall and the park is a free attractions in Nottingham (though you will pay for parking). The hall has access to historical grounds and to Nottingham’s Natural History Museum and Industrial Museum. You can also tour the hall by guided tour or specialized tours (ghost tours, Prospect rooms, Tudor tours, garden tours) If you do not want to tour the hall, the park offers a great range of shrubs and wildlife.

Number Five: Sherwood Pines

Of course, if you want to have a tree-top adventure similar to Robin Hood, you can go to the Sherwood pines. The attractions include zip wires, Tarzan swings, and a multitude of bridges, walkways, and courses that are sure to test your skills. True, the name and the themes are that of primates. However, being that it is located in Sherwood/Nottingham and that it is oriented to tree adventures, you can clearly see the connection.

Have a day in Nottingham

Getting to Nottingham is easy. You can drive (The city is close to the M1 Motorway), take a coach and even take a train journey. A day trip to Nottingham is a great way to get out and enjoy the history of the UK. Of course, if you want to find something related to Robin hood and to the legend surrounding him you can always visit his statue or go on one of the many tours which cater to such.

Admission to the attractions in Nottingham will typically run £15 and up depending on the event. For example, the Nottingham Playhouse is dependent upon the event and the seating desired whereas the Wollaton Hall and Park have free admission. Whether it is outdoor or indoors, a family affair, or an individual day trip, Nottingham has much to offer.


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