Stunning 21-Day African Safari Experience

Even in the 21st century, there is something magical and mysterious about Africa. This vast, wonderful continent, with its sprawling deserts, amazing great lakes, glorious mountains and wealth of fabulous cities and towns, is quite unlike anywhere else on Earth, and the sheer variety of culture and history across the continent is unrivalled. The best … Read more

Winter Activities in Armenia

In collaboration with Arara Tour In Armenia, the hospitable country of the South Caucasus, any season is beautiful in its own way. Summer is sunny and hot; autumn is beautiful with its colors and the warm and gentle sun rays. In winter, many regions of the country are covered with white fluffy snow, which silvers under … Read more


A Quick History of the Modern Casino/Resort The Casino/Resort popularized during the 1980s construction boom in Las Vegas and now locations found in almost every corner of the globe – including one of gaming’s pinnacle destinations, Reno, NV – has a long, interesting, and sometimes surprising history. Please enjoy the following infographic that takes you … Read more

Pamper Yourself at Thermae Bath Spa

It should come as no surprise to learn that most people who visit the city of Bath venture to the spectacular Roman Baths that were established over 2,000 years ago, but you’ll miss out on half the fun if you don’t check out the Thermae Bath Spa before you leave. Here is where you’ll be … Read more

Discover Davao’s Top 5 Foodie Destinations

Hungry for an adventure? Discover the best restaurants in Davao with Park Inn by Radisson Davao‘s list of foodie hotspots. From the bustling stalls of Bangkerohan Market to RGB Bar & Grill’s a-la-carte cuisine, our helpful guide will have you dining like a Davaeño in no time. Bangkerohan Market An excellent choice for travelers looking … Read more

Rest and Travel

Frequent travel has its drawbacks. Back pain and exhaustion are the most common issues for frequent travelers. Often, the signs may not appear right away, but they certainly become more noticeable with time. You don’t have to be scared of back pain or fatigue when you hit the road. You simply need to get enough … Read more