The Best Places to Travel in 2017

The world is larger than anyone can ever think. If you are torn about where to go and experience the world, this list will help you out.


This northern neighbor of the USA can be visited in your RV once you have enough of your accessories in place.


This South American country is coming up as the place to be in 2017. You can enjoy the whole of the 36 national parks in Chile on your visit.

Granada, Spain

The experience in Grenada cannot be put into words and justice was done to them. A day or several spent in this city is worth hours of first-hand history.

Chandigarh, India

Enjoy classic Indian art in this northern part of the nation. There is a lot to take back home too once you pay this area a visit.

New Zealand

The land down under has so much to offer in terms of art, culture, food, wines, beaches, and games.

Hadrian’s Wall, England

If you thought the only famous wall was in China, you were wrong. This English wall has a lot of history that comes alive once one visits it.

New Orleans, United States

The streets of New Orleans are filled with a happy atmosphere you will rarely come by anywhere else. If you love music, head over there and soak it all in.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Nowhere else will you experience Denmark like in Copenhagen. The city has the country’s culture, foods, wines, and entertainment all wrapped up in a nice package all for you.


Few people know of the art jewel that is Peru. The nation combines a culture of loving people, art, music, and foods that are among the very best including the famous Machu Picchu.

Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

Pay Mongolia a visit and have all the modern nomadic lifestyle taken you away. It is, after all, the land of Genghis Khan.

Hossa National Park, Finland

This national park in Finland has been added to the long list of impressive parks in the country.

Arras, France

This French town has seen a lot of history from the World Wars that one can soak in once here.

Pula, Croatia

A long while back, Pula was a center of civilization with arenas and tunnels most of which remain to this day. A visit there will give you the opportunity to relive this ancient life.


If you thought the perception given to Russia by Hollywood is true, think twice. It is the land of many artists and musicians such as Tchaikovsky and Leo Tolstoy.

Wittenburg, Germany

For the curious ones, visiting this German town will give you a chance to experience the origin of the Protestant Reformation.


Mention Bermuda and people will think of the mythical Bermuda Triangle. The truth is that Bermuda is a lovely tropical beauty.


This jewel in the desert is like nothing else. It combines modernity with ancient aspects of society in ways that most other locations have failed.

San Francisco, United States

The 50th celebration of the Summer of Love will be held this year. This was the advent of the hippie movement which has defined San Francisco to this moment.

Liuwa, Zambia

This is one of the most unique places in the world owing to a unique combination of flora and fauna. It is expansive and with lots of wildlife to behold.

Lech, Austria

The royals of the world have always chosen Lech over other locations in the world. You can have the same experience for a while if you pay the place a visit.

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Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco, an electro-mechanical company in Lebanon.

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