Best Hotels of 2017

Deciding which are the best hotels of 2017 can be a hard task. In an industry where redefinition and refurbishment are always happening, looking out for the best destinations to stay, sleep and enjoy an out-of-this-world experience is important. After some in-depth research, we have rounded up the three best hotels of 2017. Whether you’re looking for an escape or romantic retreat, you can add these hotels to your 2018 bucket list as it is less likely that their atmosphere will get old.

Hotel Il Pellicano – Tuscany, Italy

Launched in the 1960s, this hotel is found on a rocky stretch of the coast of Tuscany. The loyal clients of this hotel enjoy a discrete and elegant sea-facing view, and the staffs treat them like family. As a first-timer, you can enjoy a fresh and interesting atmosphere when you enter the hotel. Run by Marie-Louise Sciò and her father, this hotel boasts a delicious and light menu. The restaurant runs under the command of Chef Sebastiano Lombardi and you can expect exquisite cocktails made by one of the most talented bartenders, Federico Morosi. So far, there are two books with photographs have been published about this hotel, and it even has its own app. While the hotel is very modern, the décor of the 50 available rooms has an old-school touch with antique materials. The rooms are spread over six cottages which are beautified by trees, heated pools, and a beach terrace.

Jawai – Rajasthan, India

Jawai is one of the most unique destinations ever, as it is where leopards are the thing. This small Rajasthan camp is found in a small district of villages- it is more of a harmonious venue than a wildlife venture. Don’t be afraid as the leopards live peacefully with the human population. This safari camp is located on a landscape that flatters forests and mustard fields, while the horizon is made of hills which is home to the big cats. The camp is made of nine suites which will bind you with nature- tents with lampshades and cushions. You can even take a dip in the pool, dine in the huge tent and try the best Indian curries under the stars. Jawai is simply magical by night- you will see the shadows of the leopards who are not threatening and will hear the peaceful songs from the nearby temples. If you’re not feeling brave enough to face the felines, you can get to know them virtually by playing Snow Leopard slots at Kitty Bingo. On this online bingo site, you can get to know other animals by playing some of the top slot games.

Hôtel Crillon Le Brave – Provence, France

From the terrace of this hotel, you can get a proper view of the agricultural fields and smell the lavender of Provence. Once this village was desolated, but now, it boasts a 36-bedroom hotel which is elegant and keeps evolving since the 1990s. Sipping on a glass of champagne, you can enjoy the starry skies and colourful fields from the terrace bar and restaurant. This restaurant also welcomes jazz bands while you please yourself with good food like plated pork or mountain lamb. You can enjoy the swimming pool, the pétanque piste and the sunbathing hotel which are the main attractions of this hotel.

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