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Best 4 Destinations for Dream Vacations


You’ve scrimped and saved, worked overtime and stretched the budget, and finally it’s about to pay off: soon, you’ll be going on a dream vacation. There’s one big problem left, and that’s deciding where to travel. With so many breathtaking travel destinations, how can you choose which one to go to? 

ut to pay off: soon, you’ll be going on a dream vacation. There’s one big problem left, and that’s deciding where to travel. With so many breathtaking travel destinations, how can you choose which one to go to? 

If you’re thinking about taking an extravagant vacation and really treating yourself, your family, or your partner, the first aspect to consider is what kind of trip you want. Do you want to go on an adventurous holiday? Are you looking for a trip to enrich your lives with culture, food, and music? Or do you want a vacation that’s purely beach, booze, and relaxation? No matter what kind of trip you want, you can find the perfect destination. Here are the best dream vacation spots to visit.

1. Tokyo

World-renowned for its culinary arts, Tokyo is one of the most wish-listed travel destinations. The culture alone makes it one of the most interesting cities in the world, but the food, shopping, and natural wonders all close by rank it high on the list of best travel destinations to visit. You could easily spend an entire vacation in the city of Tokyo alone, exploring every sushi restaurant, visiting the gardens and zoos, checking out the temples, and going to the art and technology museums, but dare to venture out of the city for skiing in the Japanese Alps, hot springs, and jungle trekking. 

2. Bora Bora

The most famous island in French Polynesia is also the most photogenic. The stunning lagoon waters and pristine white beaches make for a super romantic setting that is nearly impossible to find fault with. Stay in an overwater villa with a private deck where you can enjoy a private dinner, then fall asleep at night listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the pier. Bora Bora is also one of the world’s premier snorkeling and scuba diving destinations, because of the crystal clear waters and unique wildlife, so grab your flippers and mask and get in the water. 

3. Santorini

Another romantic destination, the Greek island of Santorini is a honeymooner’s paradise. With absolutely stunning, picturesque turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, whitewashed houses with blue roofs, and orange and pink sunsets like you’ve never seen before, Santorini is not a destination to sleep on. Even if you aren’t planning a romantic getaway, Santorini is a great place to visit. The nightlife is renowned, the food needs to be tasted to be believed, the history is abundant, and the culture and hospitality is world-class. Treat yourself and consider booking one of many Santorini luxury Villas for rent for your stay. 

4. Cape Town

If you’re looking for adventure, look no further than Cape Town, South Africa. The beaches near Cape Town are stunning as well, but you’re here for the safari, mountain trekking, nature reserves, surfing, and food. The restaurant scene in Cape Town is like no other, so be sure to try as many places and local dishes as you can. When in doubt, do like the locals do and eat what the locals eat. For more physical adventuring, Table Mountain is a great spot for hiking, climbing, and mountain biking. 

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