Are you aware of these “yacht” etiquettes?


Traveling is not only about exploring new places or acquiring new experiences. It is also about becoming a more responsible traveler with the passage of time. If, on one hand, it is about immersing yourself in unbridled happiness, it is also about gathering knowledge. One of your crucial responsibilities on your way of becoming a more responsible traveler is to get your etiquettes right. Come to think about it! When you are embarking on a trip for the first time, one of the first things you end up is learning about the cultural and social milieu of the place you’re visiting. You want to be completely sure about the fact that you are not violating relevant norms or offending locals unwittingly. Today, if you are planning your first trip on a luxury yacht, do know for a fact that you would be required to maintain a few etiquettes on board or just before/after boarding the yacht. Today, we will help you understand how exactly you can make things right while on your much revered vacation. Do go through these tips before booking yacht charters aeolian islands.

Etiquettes to follow on yacht trips

Traveling on a yacht doesn’t only entail an unparalleled sense of freedom and rejuvenation but it also offers you a lot of opportunities to learn about the sea and the yacht itself. Your crew becomes your main source of learning about the sea. The members are passionate about their jobs. They love the sea and the very idea of sailing. Treat them with respect. They are knowledgeable individuals. Here are other tips that you must follow.

Make sure you are listening very carefully to the safety briefing delivered before departure. The crew members are serious about your safety and as such take care of the fact that you are thoroughly briefed about necessary safety measures. Therefore, make sure these rules are ingrained in your mind.

The crew members will explain everything about the usage of different items of the ship after you board it. This will include everything starting from lights and toilet to electrical outlets. Make sure you are listening to each and every detail carefully.

You are not really supposed to roam around in heavy street wear when you are on board. There are shoe baskets kept at the entrance of the yacht. You should be sagacious enough to remove your street shoes and keep your pair there. Do not go on to stack all your street shoes in a single basket! You can wear a pair of clean socks or light slippers while on board.

Be courteous to the crew members of the neighboring boats as well. Keep noise to the minimum even when you are socializing.

Make sure you are not really confusing crew members with babysitters. Even if it turns out that a few of these members are friendly with your kids, make sure you are not ending up thinking that your kids are their responsibility while on board.

Do not argue with the captain at any point of time. If he suggests against sailing to a different area owing to climate constraints, do not challenge his views or decision since he only wants the best for you in terms of safety.

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