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8 Unique Hotels in Britain That You Have to Visit




If you’re heading off on a business trip or looking for a hotel where you can simply rest your head and enjoy a buffet breakfast, a chain hotel is a perfectly acceptable hotel to book yourself in to. However, if you’re looking for somewhere with a little something extra — something that no other hotel has — then this list is for you. Great Britain is filled with remarkable sights, but it is also filled with hotels that transcend classic hotel boundaries utilising space in some of the most unique ways imaginable.

1. Titanic Boat, Liverpool Albert Dock


While a stay on the Titanic might seem a bit daunting, this Titanic hotel is situated miles away from the original in Liverpool Albert Dock, making it significantly more accessible than the slightly more submerged, original Titanic. The Titanic Hotel accommodates up to nine guests and comes complete with a mini poker table, crystal chandeliers and en-suite bathrooms accompanying each decadent bedroom.

2. House in the Clouds, Suffolk

Admittedly, this hotel is not a great option for anyone who’s afraid of heights, but if acrophobia doesn’t make it onto your list of fears, House in the Clouds in Suffolk is the perfect place to experience a unique hotel stay. Set high above the clouds, this hotel can accommodate up to twelve people and offers activities such as table tennis, lawn tennis and boules. Not only is this hotel fabulously unique; the views from the penthouse suite are unlike any other in Suffolk, making it the ultimate choice for those searching for a countryside getaway.

3. The Big Green Bus, Sussex

From the outside, this hotel is just a regular city bus (only this one is painted green, not red), but on the inside, this bus is something entirely different. Swap rows of seats with three bedrooms, a kitchen and a fully fitted lounge, this bus is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Situated in the heart of Sussex countryside, this bus is ideal for glampers who want to get away from heavily populated areas but don’t fancy pitching a tent, building a fire or using a “natural” bathroom.

4. Treetops Treehouse, Devon


While you might think that treehouses are reserved for young children, this treehouse hotel is so luxurious and romantic that you’ll quickly see how treehouses can make the perfect getaway spot for adults, too. Complete with one king size bed and two single bunk beds, this treehouse can accommodate both couples looking for a romantic getaway and families looking for a more unique hotel experience. Overlooking a fishing lake and just moments away from Heywood Forest, this hotel is the perfect spot for lovers of the outdoors, as well as those hoping for a calmer hotel experience.

5. Harington’s Hotel, Bath


Harington’s Hotel might look like a classic boutique from the outside, but as soon as you step inside, you will understand why this hotel made our list. Filled with subtle nods to Bath’s history, Harington’s is filled with unique references to 15th century author Sir John Harington, after whom the hotel is named. The interior design of this stunning boutique hotel is vibrant, luxurious and, above all, totally unique. Each room has been individually designed to provide guests with the highest possible level of choice when booking, offering bright, modern rooms that you’ll never want to leave.

6. The Chocolate Boutique Hotel, Bournemouth

chocolate boutique

If you’ve recently signed up to The Body Coach’s 90 day SSS plan, we wouldn’t recommend booking a room at this hotel. However, if you dream of chocolate, you’re sure to be on cloud nine throughout your stay at The Chocolate Boutique Hotel. Each room is decorated in brown and white tones to mirror the delectable tones of dark, milk and white chocolate, creating a truly indulgent environment. Each day, you will receive tastings of chocolate, as well as a chocolate themed breakfast and opportunities to take part in the hotel’s chocolate making workshops. If you’re looking for a hotel to indulge your sweet tooth, this unique hotel is the one for you.

7. Malmaison, Oxford

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to spend a night in a prison cell? We thought so. Luckily for you, Malmaison in Oxford allows you to do just that, minus the law-breaking. This stunning medieval castle has converted its prison cells into luxurious boutique hotel rooms, open all year round to those craving a truly unique hotel experience.

8. The Old Station, Allerston

The Old Station hotel in Allerston is another great example of the ways in which creativity and imagination can transform one thing into quite another. In this case, The Old Station has been transformed from a standard train carriage into an exquisite hotel, filled with all the charm and character that you could wish for. Each suite has its own kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living space, allowing guests to remain separate from other Old Station dwellers throughout their stay if they wish. This hotel is a wonderful way to explore North Yorkshire, and you will be hard pressed to find any accommodation that is quite as unique as The Old Station hotel.

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