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7 Things to do in Marrakech




Author Riad Al Loune


Marrakech is a huge city in Morocco, very beloved by tourists from all over the world. It offers a huge amount of wonderful places to see and things to do: let’s find out the 7 most interesting ones

1. Jamaa el Fna Square

You could ask everyone, and they will all tell you that Jamaa el Fna is absolutely the most amazing place in Marrakech.

It is a huge square in the city center, littered with bars, restaurants and souvenir shops. It is also full of entertainment: you will be able to enjoy snake charmer’s and music shows, or even get a henna tattoo. In the evening, the square turns into a huge market filling with stalls where you can buy food, spices, beverages, objects and so forth.

2. Majorelle Garden

Majorelle Garden is the perfect place to enjoy a quite and relaxing walk in the nature, hearing the birds singing far from the bustle of the city. You will find a huge collection of plants from all over the world, like cactus, banana trees, aloe, palms, bamboo and lots of flowers.
Today, you can also visit Villa Oasis, the house where Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé used to live. Here, there’s an interesting exhibition of Barber culture, with traditional clothes, tools and other objects.

3. Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace is a very refined building erected in 1890 by a grand vizier who spared no expense. It is very huge, with fancy halls and rooms, one more tasty then the next. The walls, the floor and even the ceiling are decorated with colorful mosaics, and in the center of the building there’s an enchanting garden with some trees and a little fountain. Though, you should totally book a tour, so that an expert guide will tell you about the history of the Palace.

4. Koutoubia Mosque and Lalla Hasna Park

Not far from Jamaa el Fna you will find the greatest Mosque in Marrakech, Koutoubia. Dating back to 1199, it is a huge masterpiece of the Almohad years; only Muslims are allowed to get in, but it still deserves to be admired from the outside. What is really amazing is its minaret, a 70-meters tower looking out over the city.
Next to the Mosque you can find Lalla Hasna Park, full of orange trees blooming in Spring.

5. Staying in a Riad

Your experience in Marrakech wouldn’t be lived to the fullest, if you don’t stay in a Riad in the old Medina. There’s a plenty of these typical houses which receive tourists willing to enjoy the traditional atmosphere of Morocco, and they’re not all expensive! They’re not ordinary hotels, everything is settled like in local people’s houses. Riad means garden, and in this case it’s referred to the yards located in the middle of the residence. Normally, you will find a pool surrounded by carpets, a couple of chairs or sofas with tables and some trees. It’s a really amazing experience! 

6. Shopping at the Suq

An activity you just can’t miss in Marrakech is shopping, of course, and the best place for it is the Suq. It is like a huge market coursing around little streets, and you can literally find anything: delicious fresh and home-made food, cloth, art-crafts, ceramics, jewels, lamps, spices, carpets, clothes and shoes. If you know how to negotiate, you will get home with a full suitcase.

7. Eating in Marrakech

While you’re in Marrakech, you should totally try some delicious typical dishes: if you like savory food you will surely appreciate it.

Very popular are couscous dishes, which can be served cold with chicken and vegetables or hot with meat and raisin.

Then, you could taste a plate of Tajin, kebabs with qatban chicken, gamila with peas or a Oastilla with seafood.

For dessert, try some kaab el ghzal or Halwa Shebakia cookies with a glass of green tea and mint: you won’t regret it!

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